EXCLUSIVE: In conversation with Aamir Ali on his latest music video “Heeriye Diljaaniye” with the soulful voice of Javed Ali

By Ojasvi Kapoor
January 10, 2023
EXCLUSIVE: In conversation with Aamir Ali on his latest music video “Heeriye Diljaaniye” with the soulful voice of Javed Ali

Heeriye Dil Jaaniye is Brand New Hindi Song featuring Aamir Ali, Neha Khan.The beautiful music video is all about how true love story never ends. Indie Music Label kicks off the new year with the soulful voice of Javed Ali, music composed by Anmol Daniel and lyrics by Pankaj Dixit.

Aamir Ali is an Indian Actor and is back with his latest track after a long time,Let's see what he has to say regarding the song.

Tell our readers about how your latest video came about?

So, let me tell you something: I do one music video every year with the Indie Music Label. They like me, and I like them. I enjoy the songs, and I like the way the videos are shot. They worked really hard while filming the music video, and I am fortunate that they like me as well. So, every year, there is always a music video.

About your experience working on the music video Heeriye Diljaaniye?

First and foremost, the song must be amazing, and then the experience must be nice since the outcome ultimately depends a lot on the song, but the setting was also fantastic, as we shot in Rishikesh and Dehradun. Those locations often reflect India and how wonderful India is as a country.

How do you feel the experience working on a music video is different from that of a serial or a movie?

Because it's a song, the medium of television or movie demands a lot of acting, and while working on a music video, you have to express the whole story by acting in only 2-3 minutes. So it doesn't make much of a difference since you'll ultimately be an actor, but for me, there's a potential that a fantastic song will always be remembered with your name linked to it.

What made you say yes to be a part of the music video?

As previously stated, I enjoy the way Indie Music Label (Naushad Khan) delivers the music. He works really hard in both selecting and executing the relevant songs. I enjoy the way they work.

How has the past two years of the pandemic been for you as an artist?

Delays, delays, delays (chuckle), but it's all part of the game. Initially, the shootings were not planned since you would expect them to begin in January and conclude in February, but this was not the case. But that's okay since the epidemic has taught us many things, the most essential of which is to be patient and at peace because nothing can be planned.

Who are some musicians whose work you admire and are inspired by?

Everyone, and I mean a lot of them. I've always admired Rehman sahab, as well as Atif Aslam, Arijit Singh, and Kishore Kumar Ji. They are all so excellent, I admire each and every one of them out there.

Future plans?

Future plans include simply relaxing, doing good work, and travelling extensively. Most crucial, it is to do good work and frequently travel.


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