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Roop Ghuman is back with a new song "Maekhana",which combines elements of old school hip hop

By Ojasvi Kapoor
December 02, 2022
Roop Ghuman is back with a new song "Maekhana",which combines elements of old school hip hop

After releasing some popular tracks like Koi Hall, Shaami Mildi, Saare Chann Te Tare and more popular Punjabi music artist,Roop Ghuman released his track Maekhana. The track boasts a very well shot music video which was released on the same day. Hailing from the heartlands of Punjab, Roop Ghuman's style of music makes it very unique

Speaking about the song Roop says “ Maekhana is a song that will immerse you in the flavours of love. It is a love that is slow but makes a home in the creases of your mind. It is an intoxication - the kind where you are drunk with the beauty of your lover's eyes, the kind where any other intoxication and consciousness itself becomes ineffective. The song combines elements of Old school Hip hop, Spanish Mariachi trumpets and Ghazal style lyrics /composition creating a very immersive and mesmerising experience for the listener.The video, written and directed by Roop, carries a dark detective drama feel from the 80s in which the detective, played by Roop himself, gets killed while chasing a serial killer in a series of events

Roop Ghuman grew up listening to the melodies of Punjabi folk. This was coupled with his keen interest in poetry, romanticizing all elements of existence - from nature to love. He received a lot of exposure to different genres from all across the world from western classical to jazz/blues to hip hop during his school and college days. He also trained in Indian Classical vocals. 

Today, as a Singer, Lyricist, Composer and a Music producer he is trying to bring together all these influences to create a fine blend of lyrical poetry he pens along with folk and western tunes with international sounds. The melodies are intricately woven with the poetic lyrics to create magic that can touch souls across cultures.

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