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In Conversation: Lost Stories On Performing at Tomorrowland 2018

In Conversation: Lost Stories On Performing at Tomorrowland 2018


One of the biggest electronic acts from India 'Lost Stories' are set to perform at Tomorrowland 2018.They will be performing at Freedom Stage by Budweiser which is the second biggest stage at Tomorrowland . Other acts who will be performing at this stage are Tiesto, Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo and more. The fist weekend of Tomorrowland starts on Friday 20th July 2018. Lost Stories along with Zaeden are slated to perform on Day 1 of the festival. It will be their third time at Tomorrowland and a first performance for fellow Indian DJ, Zaeden. Lost Stories began their journey more than a decade ago and rose to prominence in 2009 when their single ‘False Promises’ was released on Tiësto’s Black Hole Recordings. Ever since, Lost Stories have been responsible for captivating and spearheading the Electronic Dance Music scene in India and have successfully taken their reach globally. Their European Tour became the most major extensive International tour any Indian artist has ever done. The tour featured over 18 performances at top festivals & countries like Tomorrowland, Summerfestival, Spain, Ibiza, Netherlands, Belgium & more. They recently released three tracks from their new EP called Bombay Electric as free downloads. Lost Stories are also planning to release few more tracks before leaving for Tomorrowland. I had a chat with Lost Stories on their upcoming Tomorrowland gig, their story so far and future plans. Read Below

In Conversation with Lost Stories

1. You guys have been in the electronic music scene for more than ten years and have first hand experience of the growing popularity of EDM in India. How has the climb been so far ? LS: Growing up while watching the dance music in India grow, we have seen a lot of trends come and go musically we knew what we wanted to do but business wise it was always a struggle. We have learned a lot of things with hard way with trial and error, and that’s what makes the experience great. 2. Do you think the whole process of becoming a DJ/Producer has become easy as compared to the time when you guys were starting out ? LS: When we started out you needed courage and a strong belief in yourself to know that you are going to make it. These days it might be super easy to download a music production software, a few sample packs and put a song together some might even call them selves producer at that stage, but the real challenge these days is separating yourself from all the noise and bringing something new to the table. 3. Lost Stories have performed at Tomorrowland twice already. How has the experience been so far and how has it helped you in your career as a DJ/Producer ? LS: Ever since the start of Lost Stories we constantly needed some sort of external validation to make people of our country believe in us. Be it getting signed to Tiesto’s label or getting supported by Armin van Buuren or playing at Tomorrow land. It's not necessarily a bad thing as it keeps us on the edge so we keep pushing for more. That way playing at tomorrow land twice helped us tremendously in getting support from our Asian audience. The experience has been nothing short of phenomenal as it is the biggest stage one can play at. We are supper happy to be back. 4. What is your usual preparation for big festivals like Tomorrowland ? LS: At a festival like Tomorrowland there more than 300 artists playing. Your first thought as an artist should be how I can be different from the rest of them, hence we try to write a lot of music with an Indian sound and elements as no one else plays that kind of music at Tomorrowland. 5. Tell us about the Lost Stories Music Academy, how would you rate the improvement in Music Academics in India. LS: One of the reason we started Lost stories academy was that while we were growing up there was lack of serious music education when it came to dance music. We are super proud of the academy and each and every student. Sometimes it really inspires us to see a student practicing at the studio for hours and hours and that kind of passion can change everything. 6. You guys have a massive fan following and your gigs are always sold out! Has that resulted into a considerable rise in your digital sales ? LS: Yes, we have broken into the million hits club on Spotify, Saavn, YouTube and SoundCloud. 7. Lost Stories recently launched two singles for free download. Whats in store for your fans this year ? LS: We launched three singles under “BOMBAY ELECTRIC EP” which has been a passion project we wanted to launch since a long time. We have a lot of new releases coming on Spinning Records, Saavn and various other labels. 8. Many kids look up to you as their idols, any message you would like to give to your fans LS: STAY HYDRATED!!  Check out their new EP 'BOMBAY ELECTRIC':  

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