Music is not just for entertainment, it must make you think: Sonam Kalra

By Loudest Team
September 12, 2022
Music is not just for entertainment, it must make you think: Sonam Kalra

On the first episode of the newly launched video series–Power People, Sonam Kalra, Musician,Composer,Songwriter, spoke on a range of issues concerning the music industry at large.

Power People is a series which will feature the movers and shakers of the music ecosystem, from singers, lyricists, brands and technicians, it will feature the top names across these categories.

During this interview Kalra spoke about the growing relevance of Sufi music among the youngsters.

“Sufi has always been a trend. Moreover, I don’t think it’s just limited to a trend, it has outlived a trend”.

Kalra is also known for her unique brainchild, ‘Sonam Kalra & The Sufi Gospel Project’, which blends the many voices of faith, through poetry, prayer and music, to create one universal voice of faith, earning her international critical acclaim.

When asked about issues concerning today's independent music artists Kalra says,”I think music is not just for entertainment, it must make you think; it should touch you at the core, move you, otherwise what is the point of art really.”

Kalra also spoke about the new opportunities that technology has opened up for independent artists.

”Technology is a game changer for artists as in old days it was difficult to get contracts with record labels. Now you can put music from your home on Spotify, You can become an instagram sensation overnight”

Kalra also had a word of advice for youngsters who want to pursue their dreams in the world of music. She says, ”Work hard there are no shortcuts. The harder you work the more you will see the results.Be obsessed with what you do and don’t believe it’s all about luck,Yes it is but luck won’t come to you if you don’t work hard.”

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