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Gaana Becomes The First Music App to Hit 100 mn Monthly Active Users

By Onkar Gupte
April 28, 2019
Gaana Becomes The First Music App to Hit 100 mn Monthly Active Users

Gaana - The largest music streaming app in India, crossed 100 million monthly active users (MAU) in March 2019

A recent Deloitte report indicated that in December 2018, there were nearly 150 million music streaming users in India. With Gaana being used by over 100 million customers every month and 125 million downloads, Gaana has consolidated its market leadership position. The results of a recently conducted survey by Cybermediaresearch state that 28% users of music streaming services in India preferred Gaana over other applications.

As one of the oldest player's, the music streaming service has accumulated data over a period of 6 years giving them an edge in this competitive streaming market. The app has 1.4X times total data streaming compared to the next closest competitor possibly Saavn which is now integrated by data giant Jio. The company claims that they have grown 10x times in the past 3 years and have a 25x growth in regional music consumption.

More interesting facts about Gaana’s growth:

  • 15% of listeners come from Maharashtra, 12% from UP, and 10% from Delhi
  • In the last year, Tier 2 city usage growth was fastest (96%), followed by Tier 1 cities (84%), and followed by Tier 3 cities (78%).
  • Gaana has also grown over 78% outside of India, with its fastest growth in the United States, Australia, Canada, UK, and UAE.

New Features by Gaana

Gaana unveiled two key features as part of the celebrations - Gaana Video and Artist Dashboard. Gaana Video is Gaana’s exclusive vertical video format, built for mobile, and created in exclusive partnerships with India’s top artists. Artist Dashboard is a self-service dashboard for artists to access insights and analytics around how their fans are consuming their music on Gaana. In addition to these new products, over the past year, Gaana has driven several industry-first product innovations, which have contributed to Gaana’s growing consumer engagement:
  •  AI-led ‘For You’ screen offers personalized song recommendations and is used by over 10% of Gaana users.
  • Voice assistant - enabling easy, multilingual search, is used by over 24% of users.
  • New AI algorithms drive its personalization algorithms throughout the app, leading to over 17% of consumption coming from recommended music.
The app has invested in AI algorithms for the recommendation feature, with this Gaana wants to build a platform where discovery will take a backseat and recommendation will run the platform.

For nine years, Gaana has brought melody and meaning the lives of Indians through music. That 10 crore listeners value our offering is humbling, and is testimony to the efforts of the incredible team at Gaana. We will continue to innovate to make music more accessible to all of India, increasingly using AI-driven algorithms and product innovations that help make Gaana easier for new mobile users to find delight and excitement.” - Prashan Agarwal, CEO - Gaana

The music streaming platforms aims to maintain top position with new products and further innovation and to target 500 Million users in the next 2 years.

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