Sam Middlehurst

Sam Middlehurst

Co-Founder, Fresh Events , The Music Run


Sam is Co-Founder of Fresh Events, creators and owners of The Music Run™.
A former suit turned entrepreneur, Sam brings to the table strategic thinking and a track record of building strong relationships that result in long-term commercial partnerships.
Born and schooled in the UK, Sam spent a year at the University of British Columbia before graduating from Trinity College Dublin with a BA. MA, in Politics and Philosophy with Economics.

Following university, Sam moved to Asia where he cut his teeth in management consulting before escaping the rat race in 2013 to learn the start-up ropes. The Music Run™ is Fresh Events’ first event expression, and Sam has lead the commercial expansion following an east to west growth strategy. With over 30 events staged across 13 countries, The Music Run™ has quickly becomes Asia’s aspirational running series for the new generation of runner.
Sam has made his home in Kuala Lumpur, where he lives with his wife and twin boys. He is passionate about all things active and enjoys escaping the city to ride his mountain bike(s) on endless single track trails.

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08:00 am


by Anurag Batra Editor In Chief, Chairman, Exchange4media, Business World

10:00 am

Introducing Music Inc.

by Aparajita Misra Design Thinker Music Inc, Co-Founder and Editorial Lead,

10:05 am

Numbers & Opportunity In Indian Music industry

by Blaise Fernandes, President, The Indian Music Industry

10:10 am

Music Performance

10:40 am

Adapt to Change

by Lloyd Mathias

10:55 am

Introducing: Publishing & Music Supervision

by Atul Churamani, Founder & MD, Turnkey Music Publishing & Paddy Fields Folk Fusion Festival

11:10 am

10000 ft overview on Publishing & Sync

by Atul Churamani in conversation with Ellis Rich OBE Hon Dmus

11:15 am

Music Supervision I Creative Exploitation and Sync

by Atul Churamani in conversation with Alick Sethi, Azeem Dayani, Ellis Rich OBE Hon Dmus

11:45 am

Role of Artist Managers in the Music Industry

by Tarsame Mittal

12:15 pm

Blockchain and Music Transparency

by Steven Enamakel

12:30 pm

To be Announced

by Priyanka Khimani

12:40 pm

Music Performance

12:50 pm


01:00 pm

Engagement, Key Metrics and Technology

by Yvan Boudillet

02:00 pm

Fan Engagement & Direct-2-Consumers Strategies

by Samir Bangara, Yvan Boudillet, Saurabh Sharma, Punit Pandey, Armaan Malik

02:15 pm


by Anupama Chopra, Badshah

02:55 pm

Advertise Yourself Best With Music

by Rohit Sobti, Jovan Martins, Salim Merchant, Sahith Sethurraman, Jay Mehta, Bhuvan Bam

03:40 pm

Music Marketing and Innovations

by Samar Singh Shekhawat, Kiran D'cruz, Rohit Pillai, Clinton Cerejo, Panshul Jhingan

04:20 pm

In-app Purchases and Advertising driving Mobile Consumption data

by Kartik Sharma

04:50 pm

Using Music For A Cause

by Shailendra Singh

05:05 pm

Music in CSR and Social Entrepreneurship

by Nirmika Singh, Shameer Tandon, Prajakta Koli, Samir Bangara, Zila Khan, Anurag Rao, Shibani Kashyap

05:20 pm

Creating Sonic Identities with Brands

by Rajeev Raja

6:00 pm

State of Live Entertainment in India

by Sabbas Joseph

10:00 am

Live Music & Interactive media

by Deepak Gattani, Gaurav Mehta, Rahul Merchant, Karan Singh, Varun Khare, Kapil Sharma, Deepak Chaudhary

10:15 am

Music Placement in Retail & Live Spaces

by Rajeev Raja, Hari Nair, Harry Bhatia, Sudhir Mishra, Atika Farooqui

10:55 am

Independent Music: When Will Passion Make Profit? – Curated by Vijay Basrur, OK Listen

by Amit Gurbaxani, Chaitanya Kataria, Abhi Meer, Raman Negi, Vijay Basrur, Anu Anna George

11:45 am

Localisation of Music and Brand Engagement through Language Repertoire

by Kailash Adhikari, Deepak Bali, Amar Tidke, Rabindra Narayan, Vikas Varma, Aditya Gupta, Pawan Chawla

12:25 pm


01:00 pm

Overview of Advertising in Content, Music, Entertainment Marketing

by Noor Warsia, Ashish Bhasin, MD, Dentsu

02:00 pm

Creating Brand Expereinces With Music

by Manpreet Kochar, Samar Singh Shekhawat, Avinash Bidaia, Saahil Kumar, Subramaniam Iyer, Varun Patra, Jaideep Singh

02:20 pm

Streaming Subscription & ARPU

by Prashan Agarwal

3:00 pm

Future Of Radio, Streaming and Broadcast

by Gaurav Wadhwa, Tarun Katial, Saurabh (Smule), Sandip Tarkas, Neeraj Vyas, Rachna Kanwar

03:20 pm

Music Intelligence & Technology

by Vivek Paul, Jyoti Handa, Vishweshwara Rao (Sensibol), Ashwin Kandoi (Winjit), Vivek Raina (Believe Digital), Ashutosh Pathak

04:00 pm

OTT & Original Content Creators

by Mae Thomas, Gurpreet Singh, Ananya Birla, Kranti Gada, Soumini Sridhara Paul

04:40 pm

Growth Hacking: Music and Sports

by Swaroop Banerjee, Sam Middlehurst, Shailendra Singh, Vinit Karnik, Uday Sodhi, Maneesha Khanna

05:25 pm

Bollywood | How Right Music Drives Boxoffice, Sales and Audiences

by Raj Nayak, Bhushan Kumar

06:25 pm

Music on Facebook

by Workshop

07:00 pm

Music Performance

by Mayur Jumani

07:30 pm
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