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Filhaal 2 Producer Yatin Kukreja Spills Beans On His New Song’Teri Naar’ Featuring Punjabi Singer Kadir Thind And Bigg Boss fame Kriti Verma

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Dubai-based entrepreneur Yatin Kukreja who has enthralled the audiences by bankrolling massive hit songs including songs like ‘Filhaal 2’, starring Akshay Kumar and previously ‘Cute Song’ by Aroob Khan, featuring Satvik Sankhyan, ‘Maangle Mujhe Tu’ and ‘Kyu Tu Gaya’. Yet again, he has come up with a new song titled ‘Teri Naar’ which features renowned punjabi singer Kadir Thind and Bigg Boss fame Kriti Verma released on 8th Jan, in collaboration with Metro Talkies. 

Talking about his working experience with Kadir and Kriti he says,”It was an amazing experience working with both. They were exceptionally well at their part. Audiences will be mesmerized by their chemistry and the song.”

He says, “The most important part about a music video, apart from the song and the lyrics obviously, is the location. A strong song needs an equally strong representation which only an accurate location can provide. Being a producer I cannot compromise on that and hence, I take all the time needed to decide it with precision.”

On talking about how the music industry changed in last 2 years, Filhaal 2 producer says,”Now a days, people like to see it in the form of a short story like short films unlike just an album song with growing digital marketing platform. I think this is what has given an impetus to grow music industry wherein not only new comers but mega stars like Akshay Kumar and many others are featuring in it which was not the case earlier. Now even Filhaal 3 is on cards but it all depends on singers. So as a producer you have to be very precise about each and everything you are showcasing.”

Talking about how he is dealing with pandemic as a producer he shares,”We are working with OTT, but yes there have been certain challenges as we are not able to shoot properly and the industry is quite stuck in this.”

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