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Bollywood’s Biggest Hitmaker Tanishk Bagchi Launches First Independent Track ‘Marjawaan’ With Artist Originals ft. Asees Kaur And Yasser Desa External Inbox

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Bollywood composer and producer, Tanishk Bagchi launches a new era of his career, with the release of his first independent record, “Marjawaan.” The track is the latest release by Artist Originals (AO) – JioSaavn’s hit-breaking label for global South Asian artists.

With melodious vocals by Asees Kaur and Yasser Desai, ‘Marjawaan’ is a soulful Hindi R&B love track with a smooth, danceable rhythm . The popular trio of ‘Makhna’ fame is ready to delight listeners with their latest track.

Marjawaan in its essence is a take on how everyone’s love story is unique. A genre-bending love track that appeals to all audiences due to its multiplicity of sound, ease in lyrics and trippy melody.  The track is also accompanied by a music video starring Nakul Roshan Sahdev and Larissa D’Sa.

Speaking on the release, Tanishk said, “Marjawaan, is a tune I had in my head before I actually created it. The song is really a reflection, evoking an idea and perspective of love — specifically the experience of young love and its spontaneous nature. It’s an invitation between lovers to find softness again, to find compassion, to express the purity that’s in their hearts.”

“The track is an amalgamation of the Vintage culture and the Vibe Culture. The treatment is experimental and Asees and Yasser have done a phenomenal job to make the song what it is today and I hope the audiences resonate with it,”  he further added.

With over 14.6 million monthly listeners and over 2 billion combined streams on JioSaavn, Tanishk has been a consistent success story. He is frequently a top 10 artist on the platform.

Tanishk’s successful transition from producer to artist reflects the path of other global stars — like Khalid, Metro Boomin, and Sia — whose influence permeates the industry on multiple levels from production to songwriting to performing. Tanishk’s first record, launched with Artist Originals (AO), is set to awe audiences.

Listen to ‘Marjawaan’’ here and watch the video here.

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