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American Idol Golden Ticket Winner Drops New Song And Video ‘LAID BACK’

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Rising star Earl Fortes releases his brand new single ‘Laid Back’ just in time for the year end festive season. Produced by Abhishek Khandelwal, the video and song ‘Laid Back’ was recorded at Yash Raj films studios in Mumbai where the young singer-songwriter mixed and arranged the track in the country’s best in class recording studio.

The only Indian to feature in American Idol released his second single at a live event in one of the country’s popular bars in South Goa. ‘Laid Back’ is the perfect song for the upcoming season and life after the pandemic, written by the artist himself where he expresses his outlook to life. The song is heavily centred around Earl’s rich lead vocals which are sonically complemented by Grayston Vaz’s spontaneous electric guitar solos and Revlon’s rhythmic bass undertone that adds a neo-soul touch. Throughout the song you hear echoes of a stereo resonating sound of the piano which serves as a brilliant showcase to Earl’s captivating vocals.

On the release of his new song the young Goan artist says, “I have written and composed songs based on my mood and feelings to music, ‘Laid Back’ delivers this feeling of serenity and emotional calm. With the pandemic, people have suffered, been through challenging times and had to worry about many aspects of their life. I want the world to remember to take each day at a time and enjoy every moment in the tranquillity of life.”

Earl introduced himself to the world when he penned his first original “Any Other Way” the song which won him the Golden Ticket to perform at American Idol. He shares, “American Idol was a life changing yet a humbling experience, I came across talented versatile artists from all over the world. Performing for Global superstars like Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan will forever be the best moment in my life.”

Watch this space for more as Earl’s third original track releases next month.

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