Ultra Media And Entertainment Group And Krunal Music Invite Music Video Content Makers, Singers, Musicians And Lyricists To Partner With Them For A Unique Offering

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Ultra Media and Entertainment Group and Krunal Music invite Music Video Content makers, Singers, Musicians and Lyricists to partner with them for a unique offering. They will out rightly acquire their readymade content and promote it on their YouTube and other social and digital media platforms. They also will simultaneously promote these content on Gaana, Spotify, JioSaavn, Amazon Music, iTunes, Wynk Music and other leading music platforms.

The main objective beyond this initiative is to give a fitting and a deserving break for talented content creators and artists and let their creativity and craft reach worldwide. The company will also help music video content creators and singers who have an interesting concept and needs support for the completion of their songs in audio and visual format.  The Post Production of these semi-finished content will be done at the state of the art in-house Studio of Ultra in Mumbai. The public relations, social and digital media promotions will also be done by the specialised in-house teams of Ultra.

“Krunal Music” established in 2000 has been in the forefront in churning out engaging music video content across different genres. It was acquired by Ultra Media and Entertainment Group in 2012 and they together had been acquiring various content from talented creators and also use to create and produce their own content.

Currently Ultra Marathi and Krunal Music are pioneers in streaming Marathi entertainment content. They have retained its traditional flavour and have been specialising in showcasing regional Marathi songs and content. The songs are spread across various genres like Lokgeet, Bhakti Geet, Lavani, Koligeet, Gondhal, devotional and festival centric songs. It also streams Dhamal Gavti songs and music videos showing rural, rustic traditional songs and dance forms from all over Maharashtra. These songs have been connecting with the pulse of the audience universally and have been cherished by music lovers all around the world.

In the recent times, they have rolled out Super Hit music videos like Mandamai Shikleli Navati Ka, Limbu Kapla,Halagi Wajati, Kurale Kurale Kes sung and rendered by well known talented singers like : Animesh Thakur, Sakshi Chauhan, Daya Naik, Mayur Naik and Jayesh Patil :

Ultra Marathi is one of the prominent Marathi You Tube Channel from Ultra’s stable. It streams interesting and engaging Marathi content .A wide array of film songs, interesting film scenes, old Marathi classic films, interesting skits and drama are regularly showcases in the channel.

Ultra’s 3 prominent Marathi You Tube Channels: Ultra Marathi, Krunal Music and Ultra Marathi Buzz enjoys a subscriber base of 4,153,935 and a viewership of 1,968,476,797 from all around the world

 Sushilkumar Agrawal, CEO, Ultra Media and Entertainment Group added “Ultra has always been looking out for Opportunities to work with new talented artists and promote various genres of Music. We have a customer first perspective and have a firm grip over audience preferences. The audience is evolving and opting to view more varied ranges of Marathi video and songs. It appeals highly to today’s discerning viewers. This industry is going through a very interesting phase currently and we would like to do our bit for these talented creators and add a fresh perspective and promote and amplify some very interesting entertainment for the global audience”

Ultra Media and Entertainment Private Ltd (Est. 1982) is a professionally managed Indian Entertainment Conglomerate providing end to end solutions for the Films and Television Industry Globally. The Company is engaged in multiple aspects of entertainment, including full-scale film and television production and distribution, digital media and post production services.

 Today the company pioneers in Acquisition and Distribution of various forms of Content in terms of Indian and International films, Television Programs, Animation and other forms of content across various languages and genres like comedy, romance, family drama, satire, action, horror and many more to and from various production houses worldwide. They specialize in distributing this in various existing Physical, Non Physical,Digital and emerging formats globally. Ultra currently has an exhaustive library consisting of more than 1500 titles comprising of blockbuster Indian and International Films, Television serials and other contents.

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