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Debut Single ‘Be OK’ by Sosin Naomi Out Now On Solid Pillow Records

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Nagaland-based singer songwriter Sosin Naomi has released her debut single and music video ‘Be OK’ with Delhi based independent record label Solid Pillow Records. The music video was directed by Gaurav Dhingra of SpacePepper Studios.
The bright and fresh pop track is written by the 23-year-old artist, based out of Nagaland who speaks of an aspect of self-care and moving forward, making it extremely relevant and relatable in the post-pandemic era. Naomi has always tried to keep her songwriting personal, building on themes of love, vulnerability and hardships.
According to Sosin “ ‘Be OK’ is a song about holding on to yourself and also about embracing severe times with the manifestation of our hopes. I came up with this song during the pandemic of calming oneself that no matter what it is  gonna be okay”.
‘Be OK’ marks the first release by record label Solid Pillow Records. Established and conceptualized in 2021 by minds behind the fast-growing SpacePepper Studios,the label aims to bridge the gap between artistic freedom and the current oversaturated music environment. They seek to support new sounds and artists from the sub-continent, otherwise overlooked traditionally.

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