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The BeatSmith And Producer Releases His Striking Debut Album ‘THE REST IS NOISE’ Via Export Quality Records

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Chennai-born beatsmith and producer pelle releases his striking 8-track debut album THE REST IS NOISE via Export Quality Records, the newly-minted record label division under Third Culture Entertainment. Exploding with rich and diverse influences from the likes of Kanye West, Madlib and Jamie xx, THE REST IS NOISE is a vivid celebration of pop, hip-hop and electronica. pelle effortlessly fuses genres together culminating in a dynamic collection of smooth tones, tactile textures and moving melodies.

In a span of just 3 years of music production, he has created a strong body of original material, incorporating various soundscapes into his glitchy electronica. Fusing elements of funk, hip hop, rock and trap, his varied taste in music becomes quickly apparent as the tracklist on his debut album progresses. Unshackled by genre distinctions and restless in his experimentation, he’s an undeniable talent and a prolific producer. This debut album is just a taste of what he has in store.

“End of a chapter/era? I’ve  been sitting on this album for over 6 months now and I don't take this long to put stuff out ever. I usually just put songs out on my SoundCloud as soon as they’re done. Now that the record is out, I can focus on making more music” – pelle

Although crafted with intricacy and a keen eye for technical complexities of the production world, pelle’s record remains accessible and captivating making it the perfect listen for casual ambient fans and wider electronic music aficionados alike.

“All my tracks are made in a single sitting, as I find that I lose inspiration when I think about it too much.” – pelle



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