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Pallavi Ishpunyani Releases A New Punjabi Love Song ‘TERE WANGU’

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By Noor Anand Chawla
People who enjoy folksy Punjabi music, have a treat coming their way on August 20 with the release of Pallavi Ishpuniyani’s latest single, ‘Tere Wangu’. “Tere Wangu is a contemporary folk song blended with some magic dust in the form of modern production aesthetics. It’s a Punjabi love song, and it highlights the interludes of separation and long periods of waiting in romantic relationships. I’ve been so excited about the release of this song as it has a catchy melody which stays with the listener,” says Ishpuniyani with a smile.

Translating literally to ‘Like you’, she was immediately drawn to the lyrics of ‘Tere Wangu’ when she heard them, realising that they captured a universally relatable feeling. The emotional message of pining for one’s beloved really touched Ishpuniyani. “I really want to highlight a few lines. When she says ‘Lang geya din rattan hon laggiyan, aaya na tu akhan ron laggiyan, tak tak thak Gaiyan raah teri veh hun khabban ch aajii Mai son laggiyan, akhiayn ch athru (aansu) na mere behen de, khwab tere khwab yara mainu lain de’. This beautiful verse just swept me away and that’s when I knew I wanted to make this song,” she exclaims.

Unlike her previous popular single ‘Sehreyan Wala’, ‘Tere Wangu’ is not based on an age- old Punjabi folk song. The lyrics for this original composition have been penned by Kumar Sagar, and it has been composed collectively by Sagar and Ishpuniyani. The track has been produced by Avijeet Satapathy and mixed and mastered by Praveen Muralidhar. The song was recorded remotely as everyone involved was in different cities – she was at her home studio in Nagpur, the lyricist was in Chandigarh, the music producer in Mumbai and Muralidhar worked from his home studio in Bengaluru.

Ishpuniyani is a Mumbai-based singer-songwriter, who has been trained in Indian Classical Music at Khairagarh University. She has been performing since the age of six, and has collaborated with a number of renowned artists including the likes of Mika Singh, Bikram Ghosh, Neeraj Shreedhar, DJ Suketu for the song – ‘Party Wala Holiday’, Sameer Phaterpekar, Kumar Mukherjee and many others. Her work has garnered media attention and support from many notable artists in the industry. Having lived in different parts of India,

Pallavi can speak various languages, adding  to her existing musical skill set. She enjoys experimenting with music and singing in different languages and genres. She has lent her voice to numerous ad jingles, television programs, and short films, and performs regularly at public and private events across the country. The pandemic was a game-changer for her in many ways, as it allowed her to embark on a journey to be an independent artist. Earlier this year, she released her debut independent single called ‘Night Out’. This was quickly followed by her second song ‘Sehreyan Wala’ in April 2021. ‘Tere Wangu’ is the third track released independently by her this year, and she has several original singles lined up for release in the coming months.

Though she is known for her soft, romantic numbers, Ishpuniyani has experimented with genres of all kinds. This includes party songs, Sufi, and classical songs among others. “My first collaboration was for a peppy track called ‘Holi Mein Rangeele’ alongside Mika Singh, Which was released on Holi 2020. And then again in June 2021, a song of mine ‘Party Wala Holiday’ was released which was in collaboration with DJ Suketu. The song was written and composed by Neeraj Shridhar ji. So I love to explore different languages, styles and genres,”she says. However, she has chosen to begin her independent artist journey with Punjabi language as that is what she feels most connected to.

“I believe that Punjabi music is more popular now than ever before. But that is not the reason that I release my singles in Punjabi language. It is just my personal choice as I belong to a Punjabi family. The Punjabi language and culture is very close to my heart and I love to jam to Punjabi music but I’m definitely coming up with songs in many other languages and genres really soon,” she promises.

Tere Wangu’s video has been directed and edited by Sandeep Thakre, and it was shot in Goa. The minimalist aesthetic was an attempt to preserve this love song’s emotional purity. For this, they played with different elements of nature and even kept the costumes white. The song will be available for streaming across all platforms after August 20.



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