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Horus Music India Press Release – Stay Independent, Fund Your Future, With Horus Music India

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We’ve all seen first-hand how hard it is to juggle financial instability and follow your dreams simultaneously as an independent musician, especially during a global pandemic.For an independent artist that has poured their heart and soul into their music being offered a large cash amount in the form of an advance can almost be too good to be true.

Horus Music India continues to empower independent artists by offering advances to further their careers offset against their streaming royalties only. Artists will be able to unlock funding from their music’s digital streams across DSP’s such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Boomplay, JioSaavn, Deezer and many others to promote a new album, film a music video or book additional studio time. It really is entirely up to the artist where the money is spent.

If you are an artist with a minimum of 10,000 monthly listeners spread across digital service providers, moving your music across to Horus Music Nigeria’s artist and label services can unlock an advance of up to eight times your annual streaming income, whilst retaining 100% ownership of your masters and publishing.

Horus Music India puts the control in your hands allowing deals customised to suit your needs in terms of length, music content, and monthly income levels. Once you’ve picked the perfect deal for you the advance funding is released in just a few days, it really is that simple. Horus Music Limited is an award winning global digital distribution and label services company. Established in 2006, Horus Music allows artists, labels and right-holders to send their music to over 200 download, streaming, and interactive platforms globally as well as offering digital marketing and playlisting opportunities.
Find out more about Advances from Horus Music India by visiting the artist and label
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