Synthesis – The Indian Muse

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‘Synthesis – The Indian Muse’ is an amalgamation of the sounds and moves unique to our
country.As India celebrates its 75 th Independence Day, there is one refrain uppermost in our minds – our country stands for unity in diversity.Nothing expresses this sentiment better than Music, which is beyond all barriers. And now, 17 exemplary Indian artists across genres, have come together to present the ultimate offering to mark this momentous occasion.
Releasing at 11 a.m. on August 15, 2021, this song will be out on all Audio and Video Streaming platforms.
The incredible artists that are part of the Synthesis family: Vocalists

 Dhanashree Pandit Rai – Indian Classical Vocalist specializing in Thumri

 Sonam Kalra – Award winning Singer and Composer / Creator of The Sufi Gospel
 Anushree Gupta – Singer and Songwriter, Soulful Voice from Bengal
 Kutle Khan – Multi talented Folk Music Ambassador from Rajasthan
 Sunita Bhuyan – Indo fusion Violinist and Vocalist
 Ambi Subramaniam – The new king of the Indian Classical Violin
 Nazir Ganaie – True exponent of Rabab
 Hidayat Husain Khan – Sitar Maestro
 Pt. Ajay Prasanna – Legendary Flautist of the Benares Gharana
 Naviin Gandharv – Indian Classical BelaBaharr artist
 Sunita Bhuyan – Assamese Violin – Indo fusion Violinist and Vocalist

 Nathulal Solanki – Nagara Maestro
 Ustaad Fazal Qureshi – Tabla Maestro
 Sridhar Parthasarathy –Mridangam Maestro
 Vijay Chavan -Master of Marathi Dholki
 Kutle Khan –King of Khartaal
 Aditi Bhagwat – Internationally renowned Kathak and Lavani expert
 Sohini Roychowdhry – Bharatnatyam dancer and professor of Natyasastra

K C Loy – A lyricist-song writer of great acclaim

Music Composition:

Ravi Iyer – A well-known Composer and a Fusion Guitarist
Aslam Khan, Headroom Studios – A Master in the Industry
Abhinay Jain
Video Production:
Rajshree Agarwal
Backend Support:
Naina Kukreja
Content Support:
Noor Anand Chawla
Supported by:
ShowCase Studio and RRE Studios

Being Indian is our collective pride. We get the most pure feeling of joy when we celebrate our country’s rich cultural heritage. This song shares a collective message of strength of the artist fraternity, the sound and spirit of which, even the pandemic could not dilute.

Quotes from artists:
Ravi Iyer – “Synthesis for me is an anthem of love, peace, harmony and togetherness. I’m very proud to be an Indian and extremely proud to be a part of this anthem which brings to you our unity in diversity in one voice together.”

Fazal Qureshi – “This song represents our emotions of India, our thoughts about India and represents India’s unity and diversity. I’m honoured to be a part of this song.” Anushree Gupta – “Synthesis for me is coming together and spreading love through the sound of music. I’m humbled to be a part of this beautiful project which is a collaboration of fabulous artists and musicians”
Hidayat Khan – “I’m honored, proud and so fortunate to be a part of this project and to work with these amazingly talented musicians, composers and singers. It’s also special because I’m able to reach out to all of you from United States and I miss my country very much”
Ambi Subramaniam – “It’s a special composition with all these amazing artists from our country. It’s a total labour of love. I’m very grateful for something like this to have been made”
This is what team ShowCase Events has to say: “Synthesis is an amalgamation of the beautiful sounds and moves of the various Indian art forms. It evokes a feeling of oneness, togetherness and solidarity. We’re extremely thankful to all artists who are a part of thisheart-touching composition. It creates a sense of pride, the pride of being an Indian and
taking pride in our diverse culture and performing arts.

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