A Tribute To Delhi Riots Victims – 7 Special People Song Released

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Purple Penchant, an alternative indie rock band based out of New Delhi, India featuring drummer and composer, Avik Roy, and lead vocalist and bassist, Bhanu Sharma has released a new single titled ‘7 Special People’ is heartfelt tribute to Delhi riot’s victims and survivors. Against the backdrop of Delhi riots, there were stories of courage, empathy, and hope. While the divisive politics failed us, stories emerged of individuals from both communities rallying to help their neighbours, to save lives, and to stand up to communal hatred and division. 7 Special People is a homage to these people and to the people of Delhi.
‘7 Special People’ song and music video is available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple & all major streaming services from the 1st of August –
Last week of February, 2020 saw Communal clashes erupted in the north-east area of India’s capital in the backdrop of months long protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), and the government’s threat of coupling it with a pan India National Registry for Citizens (NRC). Senior leaders made provocative statements; declaring the protesters anti-national, and leading slogans calling for them to be shot. A prominent BJP leader demanded that the police remove the anti-CAA protestors in Jafrabad, an area in North-east Delhi, failing which he would take matters into his own hands. Hours later, while US President Donald Trump was touring India, deadly communal clashes engulfed the capital. The riots lasted 3 days, officially killing 53 people, injuring over 200, and ripping apart communities who had lived alongside each other for decades.
Lead vocalist and bassist, Bhanu Sharma talking about the song said, “The CAA/NRC protest period was an emotional one for me, as for many of Delhi’s citizens. To witness police brutality up close, violent attempts at quashing the right to protest and finally the instigation of the deadly riots, we saw the worst of the city, but looking closely, its best too. So many individuals full of courage, passion, compassion, determined to push back, tireless, unwavering, unflinching, for justice and for equality, they are the inspiration behind ‘7 Special People’.”
Purple Penchant drummer and composer, Avik Roy sharing his thoughts said “It’s extremely disconcerting to witness the continuous polarization of our country for political gain, but 7 Special People is a reminder that we’ve not lost our sense of community. This piece is a tribute to those who persevered in the face of communal madness in February last year, and to everyone who continues to fight for the united fabric of India.”

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