Anuv Jain mesmerises listeners with his 7th single titled ‘Gul’

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Anuv Jain, the talented 26 year old budding singer, has released his seventh single titled ‘Gul’ today. ‘Gul’ is a story about the complex and delicate nature of relationships – as some of them work out,some of them don’t – and their subsequent aftermath on an individual. The track beautifully captures the sorrow of heartbreaks with a hopeful reminder that although things may seem hard in the moment, every cloud has a silver lining. It reinforces that as time passes, things get better as we learn to cope with the feeling, battle the questions and find the courage to smile again.

The song is essentially written as an intervention where a friend persuades the protagonist to find herself again after the devastating end of a romantic relationship. The artist, Anuv, paints a realistic picture of the situation through his lyrics – as he empathizes with the tumultuous emotions facing the protagonist and imparts hope to her – by nudging her to find the ‘jadoogari’ [magic] within herself instead of relying on external sources.The song is accompanied by the artist’s first ever music video, which provides a visual interpretation of the metaphorically ignited track – while taking
viewers on a journey of acceptance, resurrection and overcoming. Anuv Jain’s honeyed, lilting vocals augment the lyrical masterpiece with the ultimate texture and emotion.

Commenting on the single, Anuv Jain, said “We all try to find fairy tales in our dusty, mystical books but the harsh reality is – these don’t always come true. ‘Gul’ reminds you to seek the strength within you to stand on your own two feet, and move on – instead of waiting for a sudden resolution to appear outta nowhere. We will all be okay as long as we get to grips with reality by ourselves, and learn to move on.”

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