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Ritviz-Karan Kanchan Latest Collaboration ‘KHAMOSHI’ Inspired By Lockdown Silence

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The synthpop-laced release is a brand-new addition to the highly-anticipated 21 weeks-21 songs release campaign that Ritviz announced last month and marks the first release of the 22 songs that sets into motion this month onwards till December

Two weeks ago, Ritviz announced an ambitious and exciting plan of releasing 21 songs in 21 weeks but the pop sensation and electronica producer already has a surprise in store for fans – this time in the shape of the much-awaited collaboration with prolific music producer Karan Kanchan who recently produced music for the Oscar-nominated The White Tiger and DIVINE’s Punya Paap.

The first of the 22 songs to be released by Ritviz, ‘Khamoshi’ – a synthpop production – is unlike Kanchan’s earlier body of work that has featured some of hip-hop’s finest heavyweights such as DIVINE, Naezy, Pusha T, Vince Staples as he navigates away from his idiosyncratic style of trap-heavy productions to introduce something more novel to listeners. A collaborative effort between Ritviz and Kanchan, Ritviz’s trademark vocal styling adds a layer of melancholy to a beat that resonates with nostalgia and a time past, and the end result is a song that has all the makings of an earworm.

“Karan and I announced the release of Khamoshi in December last year but for creative reasons we didn’t end up putting it out,” explains Ritviz. “It took us a bit to figure out what was missing but eventually we did and I’m so excited with how it has turned out. Since there are 21 songs coming up across August to December, it just made complete sense to add this as a surprise drop to kick off the string of releases,” he adds.

Kanchan, who has become one of the go-to beatmakers for hip-hop tastemakers in the country has utilised the pandemic-induced lockdown period to dabble with different music genres and styles and ‘Khamoshi’ is seemingly one of the beautiful consequences of this artistic experiment. “I have always been inclined towards producing multi-genre and varied music and fully explore my aptitude as a music producer. Most of my releases over the last two years have been more skewed towards hip-hop and I felt it was time to experiment with newer styles and alter perspectives. I have a huge catalogue of unreleased material that I will be releasing soon and I’m truly excited to set gears into motion with ‘Khamoshi’” Expanding further on how this collaboration came about he says, “My original impression for the soundtrack was inspired by the 80’s English pop. However, the song got a brand new lease of life when Ritviz added his Hindustani classical flair to it. The entire track was worked upon during the thick of the pandemic but I’m super happy with the way it has turned out. Khamoshi as a concept finds resonance with the silence we have been dealing with in this lockdown and how the quiet is perhaps not always the most comforting. The buzzing sounds of existence seem to have almost vanished and been replaced by an eerie deafening hush. The pandemic has changed our sonic environment and one could never imagine how it would take a pandemic to appreciate everyday sounds.”

This eclectic track releases on July 9 across all major streaming platforms.The audio release would be accompanied by a music video directed by Jugaad Motion Pictures, who have been behind most of Ritviz’s distinctive videos like ‘Sage’ and ‘Liggi’.

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