A little more to know about the rappers from Gully Boy

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By Sohani Mittal

In the 2019 hit Gully Boy, the Gully Gang artists- Shah Rule, Mumbai rapper-producer was the ‘heel’ to actor Ranveer Singh’s ‘face’, MC Altaf, a rapper from Dharavi, Mumbai, has a song in the movie and D’EVIL is a Mumbai-based rapper who creates foot-tapping hip-hop and rap music and was a part of the rap battle between MC Sher Vs D’EVIL in the movie.

In another episode of Interview Series presented by, Everything Experiential and BW Marketing World, the artists from Gully Gang talked about their Bollywood experience, ideas behind their songs, what is the future of Hip Hop, etc., and played a few interesting games with them.

The interview consisted of various segments like questions and answers round, and two fun and interactive games like ‘Who is more likely to?’ and ‘Guess the rap!’

As everyone is aware of the trend of ‘Who is more likely to?’ We decided to conduct one with our interviewers to bring in the entertainment element. The question asked were as follows:

  1. During shoots, who is more likely to be punctual?
  2. Who is more likely to create nuisance on sets?
  3. Who is more likely to do leg-pulling and make fun of each other?
  4. Who is more likely to start or caught in a fight?
  5. Who is more likely to pen down a rap in 10 minutes?
  6. Who is more likely to give the best advice when asked?
  7. Who is more likely to get married first?
  8. Who is more likely to get arrested?

With each question passing everyone was enthusiastic and eager to answer. Each one of them was so keen to answer first so that they can win the quiz. A sense of enjoyment and competitiveness was witnessed amongst the interviewees, which brought in a different aspect to the episode. 

Also, “Guess The Rap” was another challenge presented to our interviewees. The challenge consisted of the rap sung by the “Gully Gang” itself but with a little bit of twist. The twist was, that their raps were translated into the English language which made it more compelling and intriguing.

When the round was initiated, a sense of hesitance was observed. The members were confused about their rap and they tried their level best to answer in the best possible way. As the rounds proceeded, the Gully Gang was able to recognise their raps. 

The interview series was full of fascinating and compelling answers. It was a fun-filled episode to know the real Gully Gang in real-time. One can find more lure about them in the interview. 


Video coming up soon.

Stay Tuned!

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