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Keshav Bhardwaj aka Klipr releases ethereal new track ‘Get Close’

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September 2020: Keshav Bhardwaj aka Klipr is back with yet another banger tech-house track ‘Get Close’. Reimagining his production style, Klipr has combined intricate bassline, melodies and mesmerising sound design that remains the focal point of this amazing new release. The single has a completely different vibe from his 6-track ‘Lockdown EP’ released in May, which saw him head down a slightly heavier tech-house route. However, Klipr has been treating us with new music all summer long and his new track ‘Get Close’ is no different.

Keshav Bhardwaj aka Klipr, Founder and CEO, Streamin’ Music Group says “The idea to experiment with my music, and create a different vibe from the music I have released before, was one of the main inspirations I had while producing ‘Get Close’.I’ve been working on developing my style even further for  a while now and ‘Get Close’ takes it one step forward. This track features sounds and style to take the listeners deeper into the vibe. The track idea was created early this year and I wanted to make something more soothing, “less is more” was my thought process behind it. To keep it as simple as I could. The vocals added the sensual vibe, where as the melody created a further mystery around the track”

Links to listen ‘Get Close’

Klipr is working to perfect his musical style and sound before a large-scale release drops in the near future. He has shown a true dedication to his music. The hard work and hours of dedication that goes into making each individual track has paid off as it gives his music a noticeably intimate sound, as listeners can tell each rhythm and beat has been perfected and crafted over the course of many hours. Klipr has used his knowledge of the industry to create his own record label, Streamin’ Music Group.
As Klipr continues to develop and mature as an artist, he continues to show signs of becoming one of the most promising new acts in the near future. Fans of Klipr can also get a taste of his music through his work as part of the DJ/Producer duo BlareMob. Working with his childhood friend Himanshu Chhabra, the duo also makes music in the electronic house and electro genres.

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