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Zeus X Crona releases their latest track ‘Back to You’, a tale of unbreakable love

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India, September 4th, 2020: Today, Zeus X Crona, the dominant name in the electronic music space has released their newest track ‘Back to You’ under LoudKult Record Label. Having garnered both fame and fan base with their popular tracks like Invisible, Pill, Lose me too among others, the duo composed of Nimish Sethi and Rishabh Bhola are all set to strike again with this new heart-warming song.

‘Back to You’ narrates the story of a girl deeply in love with a guy, who she lets go off due to some hard time. Unable to move on, the girl regrets breaking up with the guy and hopes that there is still a chance for them to be back together. The duo with the most-streamed music than any other Indian Electronic Music Producers, have collaborated with Veronica Bravo who is lending her vocals for this diligently crafted electro-pop track.

Talking about the release, Nimish Sethi, of Zeus X Crona said, “With this song we wanted to explore something different from the stuff we usually do. It’s a beautiful soothing and chilling track about a girl and her unbreakable love for a guy. We like to experiment with a variety of styles and genres, and hope this song appeals to the people the way we envisioned while creating it.”

“We want to reach out to people and appeal to them with our music, spread love, and inspire young budding artists to conquer the world with their talent. We believe our music plays a role in transforming people’s lives and leads the way to elevate the electronic scene in the country. This track is actually a testament to how electronic music, which is originally a western concept has inspired us to deliver a unique form of expression through these Indian narratives”, said Rishabh Bhola.

Earlier, Zeus X Crona’s tracks have gained popularity all over the world with 120+ Million views/streams across platforms and have been recognised and supported by artists like Sonakshi Sinha, Tfue, Chainsmokers among others. The emotional piano breaks, thunderous bass lines, mesmerizing sound design and beautiful vocals leaves you wanting to come back to listen again, whilst finding yourself singing the lyrics in no time. With more releases coming on major labels, along with some independent launches, they are taking the term ‘meteoric rise’ to a new level within the independent music scene.

Listen to Zeus X Crona’s latest track ‘Back to You’ on all audio streaming platforms like Spotify, JioSaavn, Wynk, Gaana, Apple Music, Prime Music.

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