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Raftaar’s Protege Yunan Drops Brand New Track ‘Saath’

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India 27th August 2020 – Earlier last month, Sony Music India signed an exclusive recording deal with popular rapper Raftaar and entered into a partnership with Kalamkaar – the independent label founded by Raftaar and his business partner Ankit Khanna. The deal brought a roster of young rappers and underground artists into the Sony Music family including Kalamkaar discoveries Deep Kalsi, Rashmeet Kaur and Yunan.
On the heels of this announcement, Sony Music India is all geared up for the maiden project under this brand-new partnership with the release of Yunan’s ‘Saath’, co-composed by Deep Kalsi, launching today across all major streaming platforms.
Billed as an entertaining burst of Gen Z pop music, it’s hard not to miss Yunan’s invigorated energy in this brand-new drop. The track chugs along with the confidence of an artist who feels at home in his music. It’s stylistic and sprightly with the heart-on-his-sleeve lyrics. Couching the promise of a social message in an urban groovy track, ‘Saath’ circles around the idea of living and loving in the moment.
The video choreographed by house and hip-hop dance choreographer, Dheeraj Soni fittingly captures the 22-year-old singer- songwriter and producer’s extraordinary dance aptitude who is seen demonstrating some authentic freestyle street dance (house dance) moves in the video.
Speaking of how COVID19 inspired the creation of the track, Yunan states, “The unprecedented crisis has forced young couples, friends and family to stay apart, and now there are fewer chances to celebrate. But life has to carry on and we need to embrace change as the only constant and not undermine the value of being there for one another. Let ‘Saath’ be an open declaration that love can’t be stopped by even a pandemic”
The young artist presents an authentic take on the perception of new age love within the track – ‘Chaand taare main todh laadunga jo bhi ye bollte jhoothe hain sabhi’, something that the current crop teenagers who don’t endorse impracticable fairy-tale expectations could relate to.
Elaborating further he says, “My message through this track is to live in the moment and not stop ourselves from expressing our love while being realistic in our expectations.  All we have is the present so why not tell the people we hold close to our hearts how much we value them instead of building expectations on future anticipation. In general, a lot of people find themselves waiting for that magical moment in the future, when they perceive things will be better and then they can allow themselves to enjoy the present moment and truly live. Waiting is a state of mind, you don’t want what you’ve got and you want what you haven’t got. When you finally find someone worthwhile cease the moment and claim your love.”
As a build-up to the release, Yunan was seen sharing cryptic posts on his social media handles over the weekend, capturing moments from his archives of #saath for which he is grateful, from a childhood picture with his mentor Raftaar to a studio picture with his co-collaborator Deep Kalsi to an outdoor picture with his Himalayan pet dog Shadow.

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