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A&M STUDIO Announces its fifth digital charity event – The Freedom Festival – “Freedom in everything and nothing less”, from 8th August to 21st August 2020

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8th August 2020, Mumbai: We won our freedom from the Britishers in 1947, and have maintained this freedom through the valiant efforts of our armed forces. However, in recent times our great nation’s freedom has come under fire. We might think that we are free but how free are we really? Are we free to say whatever is on our mind? Are we free to wear, what we want to wear? Are we free to go where we want? Are we free from politics, corruption, fake ideas and hypocrisy that seem to have plagued our great nation? Are we free from being judged, are we truly *Free In Everything* ? Do we even know or remember, what it means to be free?

They say *Freedom Comes At A Price* and *The Freedom Festival* is our way to inspire the
people of this great nation to rise and fight for their *True Freedom* ! Through our music, we
want to show our country, what it means to be truly free. We want to bring about a change
that that will give us the *Freedom To Be Ourselves* no matter what!
*The Freedom Festival* will kick off on the 8th of August as an ode to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, with patriotic performances from over 70 talented artists from the talent pool of A&M Studio. The festival will conclude on the 21st of August, Independence Day to represent a journey of sacrifice and finally getting true *’Freedom In Everything’ PERIOD* !
In this fight for freedom, A&M Studio has joined hands with Businessworld’s experiential arm
namely : as activation and media partner and www.Loudest.In which is the online music publication platform & Media partner and as co-presenter to promote ‘The Freedom Festival’ as a way of *Celebrating Freedom* with respect and dignity, performed by the amazing talent pool of A&M Studio’s artists.”
On the occasion of the announcement Dr Annurag Batra, Chairman and Editor In Chief Businessworld and Exchange 4Media group said, “ We are extremely delighted to have partnered with A&M Studio for all their digital charity initiatives, and encourage emerging artists and talent across the world through these events.”

DATE: 8th August TO 21st August 2020
RELAYED LIVE : A&M Studio Facebook page.
 Over 70 SINGERS from all across the World – India, UAE, Canada and USA & Europe
 The Digital concert will be aired from A&M Studio Facebook page & You Tube Channel
and relayed from Child Help Foundation page and other partner facebook pages.
 17 Days of music
 5 Singers per day performing on the same genre, with first 10-12 minutes of Chit-chat
with each artist & then followed up by the artist performances.
 The genres could range from Hindustani Classical, Rajasthani Folk, Ghazals, Sufi,
Qawali, Bengali, Carnatic, English, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Punjabi, Bollywood –
contemporary / retro / classics & International music.
 Each artist performing live for 60 mins minimum.
 The Concert will be anchored by – Celebrity Anchors –Joe Baath and Bhavana Bhatia. The Canada leg will be hosted by Srijeet Choudhari. They are renowned Anchors for entertainment and business shows.
 The show aims to reach over 12 Lakh audiences around the world

We thank all our partners to have collaborated with us on an ongoing basis:
Powered by : FEVER FM
Co-Powered by : TV ASIA / WORLD BB TV – New Jersey – USA
Co-Presented by : Loudest.In
Co-Presented by : The Crazy Yogi Koffie
Activations & Media Partner : Everything Experiential
Movies Partner : N N Sippy Productions
Knowledge Partner : KONVERSAI
Digital News Partner : Newsmobile
Digital Audio Partner : One Loop
Outdoor Partner : Social Street

Curated & Presented by : A&M Studio

A&M Studio’s previous concerts – The Fusion Festival, Naman … A Tribute Concert & Ghar Aaja
Pardesi … A musical homecoming … got fabulous reviews from the spectators and was widely
appreciated. Over 60 unique artists performed in these concerts bringing much needed cheer to people, paying a homage to the essential services workforce and at the same time raising money for children in need via our NGO partner.
About Fusion Festival: During the festive period of 12th to 15th April, when it’s Easter, Vaisakhi, Poila
Boishak, Pongal when every year it’s festivals galore for new crop season in the country, this year people are locked down. To chase away the blues and uplift everyone during this unprecedented crisis, A&M Studio connected 30 amazing singers across the world via a common platform, where each represented their culture and sang some regional and more popular and generic songs and entertain the audience for over 16 hrs, from their respective homes. The singers and their families were dressed in their traditional attire.

About Naman, A Tribute Concert: During the period of the Labour Day, A&M Studio curated a heart-warming concert from 1st to 3rd May 2020, with 45+ artists and musicians. This was a digital tribute concert to thank all the doctors, nurses, hospital workers, caretakers, medical workers, chemists, grocers, vegetable hawkers, delivery personnel and others who are working non-stop so that we can be at ease and be safe during this pandemic, while they put themselves continuously at risk.
About Ghar Aaja Pardesi : A heart-warming concert, from 26th to 31st May 2020, with over 60+ artists and musicians performing live. This was a digital tribute concert with the objective to give the artists a platform to reach out and connect to their homeland via their incredible music. In these times when many of our artists and fellow countrymen and their families are stuck with uncertainty of not even knowing they will return to their motherland, meet friends and families and be with their loved ones. This was a heartfelt reach out for everyone to connect with their roots and expressing emotions through
About World Music Carnival : The World Music Carnival is A&M Studio’s celebration of music and
art, where we get over 70 talented and versatile artists and musicians to present their music to the world for 15 days, culminating to the celebration of the World Music Day. The music will represent all genres : Hindustani Classical, Rajasthani Folk, Gazals, Sufi, Qawali, Bengali, Carnatic, English, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Punjabi, Bollywood – contemporary / retro / classics.

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