Sound great, simply with Dolby On your new creative partner

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By Mr. Sameer Seth, Director-Marketing, India, Dolby Laboratories

Music is at the heart of India and in today’s day and age, musicians and content creators need to be provided with the flexibility to create music anytime, anywhere and still be able to capture great sound. Like a lot of us working from home currently, more and more musicians & content creators are turning to their mobile devices as key tools for their creative process – whether to capture ideas or inspiration, or to create and share with their audience on social media. In this moment, we felt like the best way we can start to help is by expanding the accessibility of a free tool like Dolby On, which easily records audio and video with superior audio quality using just your phone, so you can capture the moment when it strikes with incredible Dolby sound. We are excited to see creators using the Dolby On app to explore their musical inspiration and share their ideas, with the device they have in their pocket in an easy to use manner.

The nature of content creation has fundamentally changed with the prevalence of mobile devices that carry powerful camera and microphone technology. Creators, of all levels, no longer need expensive equipment or expert skill sets to capture and create shareworthy content. Dolby On is this powerful tool in your pocket which allows you to do just that. Evidently, there has been an upsurge in online gigs and virtual music concerts over the last few months. The trend started with a few impromptu gigs, but now we are witnessing a more organized form of online live music gigs being hosted. Various campaigns with artists are being held in the online space almost every day. This trend is now seeing a prominent growth with Indian artists engaging with their audience on digital mediums and keeping them entertained during these times. Dolby On has come out to be a new creative partner, with you whenever you’re ready to create, with plenty of options when it comes to adding a powerful new tool to your creative process. Dolby On isn’t meant to replace the studio, by any means. Instead, it’s meant to provide a level of quality for those that don’t have access to these sorts of environments or augment the creative process of those that do.

Live streaming of concerts and gigs is likely to be the new normal. It allows artists to experiment and engage with a larger audience. In such a scenario, technology plays an important role in enabling a great live streaming experience. Hence, building on decades of innovation, we conceived the Dolby On app to make recording and livestreaming sound and video with unparalleled audio quality incredibly simple, using nothing but your device. With Dolby On’s live streaming feature you can be sharing out to Twitch, Vimeo or Facebook Live with just the press of a button or use the RTMP feature to open up endless streaming possibilities.
Realizing this demand and to keep live music thriving, Dolby collaborated with JioSaavn for their initiative ‘JioSaavn Live Anywhere’ where a series of independent artists like Palash Sen, Ankur Tewari, Nikhita Gandhi, Tejas Menon, Taba Chake amongst many others took the virtual stage for 20-30-minute sets on JioSaavn’s Facebook Live which was live streamed through the Dolby On App. The Facebook integration in the app allowed the artists to stream their music in real Dolby sound in high definition directly to JioSaavn’s Facebook Live. Another collaboration with an artist driven initiative ‘Lockdown Gigs’ saw many artists go live using the Dolby On app. These initiatives offer alternate revenue streams to artists, at the same time giving them a chance to connect with a wider audience.

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