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Akhil’s latest love ballad might get you emotional

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By Sohani Mittal

“Khaab”, the song which describes that the love can happen and one can go to any extent to prove their love. The Indian Punjabi Singer, Akhil, is back again with a soulful song. 

He has made it again to the music charts with an exquisite love ballad. His new song, Deewana, could be a romantic tale which absolutely tugs at your heartstrings instantly.

Coming to the storyline of the song, it features Akhil falling for a woman at first sight, or one can rather say love at first sight. Least did he know that the girl is already committed to some other person and eventually gets married. This doesn’t alter his feeling for her; though he never expresses them to her. He was aware of the fact, that the girl he loves is the one made for him. Also, he approved of the state of affairs until the young lady he cherished and her better half meet with a mishap; forsaking a female relative, who Akhil raises like his own.

Coming to the credits of the song, together with Akhil’s vocals, it’s Maninder Kailey’s lyrics and Desi Routz’ music. Further, Sanjana Singh starred with Akhil within the video of the song.

Listen to the song here:

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