Listen to the new podcast series by Sudhir Mishra, Founder and Managing Partner, Trust Legal

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Sudhir Mishra, Advocate Supreme Court and Founder and Managing Partner, Trust Legal of India has started his new podcast series which is all about finding inspiration in tough times. The motivating episodes give a glimpse of his secret to success and the importance of values, culture, family and friends in achieving it.

Speaking about the podcast Mishra said, “This podcast has been addressed to the young India, the young and restless who have gloomy thoughts about Covid and the uncertain times. This is my attempt to do soul searching , go back in my past, find my strength and tell everybody that if you don’t get what you dream, you keep working hard, no uncertainty, no gloom will stay forever.”
In the testing times of pandemic when more than half of the world is locked in homes and have lost optimism for normalcy, the podcast series serves as a ray of hope to rejuvenate spirits.


The podcast is available on:

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