Vlogger’s satirical video ‘How To Make Music Like Ritviz In 2 Minutes’ Creates Massive Buzz On Twitter

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By Sohani Mittal

Almost every artist has that one signature way of constructing music and it’s honestly really easy to form fun of that, tired good fun, of course. There are lots of ‘how to create a zipper song’ videos online and each one amongst them is hilarious because it actually takes some effort to create while at the identical time poking fun at the artist.

But the latest one going around on Twitter is equally hilarious and brilliant. Twitter user, Anshuman Sharma, made a Ritviz song in just two minutes and it actually sounds so legit you would think that it’s actually a real song made by Ritviz.

Ritviz is a young singer-songwriter, electronic musician and producer hailing from Maharashtra’s Pune. His song “Udd Gaye” featured on AIB. official Youtube Channel after he won the Bacardi House Party Sessions Competition.

The 8-step process included penning down the lyrics using random sentences like “aasmaan tootega nahi” and singing it like you’re absolutely high. For the melody, he put it all in sync with sounds of Indian percussion like tabla and even a piece of South Indian wedding music, the vlogger makes something like a Rivitz song.

The video has been shared nearly over 10,000 times on Twitter and has been liked over 34,000 times. The song nearly matches Ritviz songs and Twitterati are amazed at the similarities.

His video soon went viral and even Ritviz himself couldn’t stop himself from sharing the video and sportingly retweeted it on his own handle.

Watch the video here:

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