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Prateek Kuhad’s ‘Kasoor’ wins hearts on internet

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Vandana Bansal

When entire world was on a standstill, music helped us maintain calm and stay sane. As the world is in the middle of a pandemic and most of us are locked in our homes with the privilege of boredom, the artists never fail to entertain and add spice to our lives. It has been six months in the year of destruction and reconstruction. Now, we are all better accustomed to these testing times and discovering new ways for maintaining old habits.

As we have come half way through the year, the internet went in trance over Independent music artist and composer Prateek Kuhad’s latest music video ‘Kasoor’. The fact that sets the video apart is the ‘Quarantine Special Shoot’ which literally is the perfect example for #shootfromhome. Various artists, comedians, fans came together to make the video happen and shot the clips at home.
While the soulful song ran in the background in Prateek’s mesmerizing voice there were emotional personal experiences that the artists were asked to think about. The video began with asking to take a deep breath and the first situation was to ‘Think about your first love’. Followed by the nostalgic reactions from artists on video the mood was set. It took an emotional turn with the second situation asked to recollect about ‘The one person you could never say I Love You to’. The heartbroken smiles were soon turned into cocky laughs as the next situation on screen said ‘Think about the first time you had sex’. The crying faces evoked sudden emotion with the next situation ‘Think about your hardest breakup’ followed by ‘What were their last words to you.’ The video drowned the viewers into hundreds of emotions at the same time. The bubbly reactions returned as the next task was to ‘Think about your first kiss’ followed by ‘Think about your last kiss.’ Next was ‘Think about the time you embarrassed yourself in front of your crush.’ The reactions to this were entertaining. Towards the end to maintain the mood it said ‘Think about the person you are missing right now.’
As the situations appeared in the video the viewers were taken along on the huge roller coaster ride of emotions. It was hard to hold your emotions for the 3minutes of music that set the mood right and made the viewers sit and recollect the memories they forget to rejoice in their busy lives.
Here’s the link to the video:

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