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Spotify has a Good Day

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India, June 2020: What started out as a resemblance, ended up leading to a change of logo and a curated playlist. Don’t know what we are talking about? Here’s what happened.

Spotify India’s attention was drawn on Twitter to the uncanny resemblance of Britannia’s Good Day Cashew Biscuits to their brand logo. Known for their quick and witty engagement across socials, the brand didn’t waste any time in acknowledging the resemblance and reacting sportingly. They not only changed their logo for the day and their bio talking about the resemblance but linked a curated playlist aptly titled ‘Chai & Acoustic’, just the way most Indians would enjoy their Britannia Good Day Cashew Biscuits.

Britannia too in response tweeted with a creative designed by Wunderman Thompson India, thanking Spotify for putting them in the Spot’light’!

This heartfelt warmth and comradery between both brands went viral across Twitter, sweetening the day for followers!

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