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A&M STUDIO’s half way journey through The World Music Carnival, A 15-day non-stop celebration for the World Music Day from 11th June to 25th June 2020.

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19th June 2020, Mumbai : The World Music Carnival is A&M Studio’s celebration of music and art, where we get over 70 talented and versatile artists and musicians to present their music to the world for 15 days, culminating to the celebration of the World Music Day. The music will represent all genres : Hindustani Classical, Rajasthani Folk, Gazals, Sufi, Qawali, Bengali, Carnatic, English, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Punjabi, Bollywood – contemporary / retro / classics.


Starting the Journey from Hindustani Classical Music on the 11th June, till the 8th Day today with Sufi Genre, covering Retro & Contemporary Bollywood from both India Based & Dubai based artists to Rajasthani Folk Music & Rajasthani Folk Dances, Ghazals, Bengali, Carnatic, Tamil, Telegu & Kannada mixed with some amazing instrumental performances of Tabla Vadan jointly presented with Harmonies of Harmonium and Sitar. And a very special feature of Violin session on the day & Genre of Hindustani Classical Music

This very amazing journey had some extremely and highly talented artists from all over the Country as we reach midway to the 15 to 16 days journey to celebrate the ‘International World Music Day on 21st June’ … The curation of each genre was well represented by the following artists.

Hindustani Classical: Leena Bose, Sanchit Choudhary, Moin Ali & Ahmed Ali

Bollywood Retro & Contemporary by both Dubai based & India based artists: Arun Singh, Ishaan Sen Sarma, Thara Dhishay, Adel Sarang, the Band ‘Seen’, Bithika Dass(Bobby), Namrata Das, Rishabh Giri, Purnima Solanki, Abhishek Anil Sharma, Amrita Talukder, Munawwar Ali. The evening was given colour by choreographer Meenal Verma with her Bollywood dance acts of famous dance numbers of Madhuri Dixit, Shilpa Shetty and Raveena Tandon.

Bengali Genre: Nilanjana Deb, Shimli Basu, Basundhara A Banerjee, Arpita Sarkar & Krishnakali Saha

Rajasthani Folk: Jangda Sehli Band & Dharohar Band(Jodhpur) & Bikana Musical(Instrumental act – Bikaner) and a highly energetic Rajasthani Folk performance by a Young prodigy in her teens ‘Shahnaz Foga’ … all of them completely stole the show from the very Colorful culture of Rajasthan.

The GHAZALS evening was a healer when our country was in Mourning with the very heavy loss of a great Artist and actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The soul touching and soothing music entertained the audiences with the classy performances by Dr. Revati Chaturvedi, Ms. Madhuparna Vaidya & a great finale act by none other than the senior most and exclusive artist of A&M Studio Ustad Ghulam Abbas Khan Sahab. He just took the audiences to an enthralling and melodious journey of original ghazals leaving the audiences asking for much much more than 2.5 hours of his performances.

We reached today at the Midway with adding the very divine Genre of Music : Sufi : It’s a genre which anyways represents the Devotional side of Music still remaining very popular and highly entertaining. And the Artists curated just the perfect set. We had the day highlights with the start from a very new and emerging Singer Shaurya Mehta, followed by an instrumental act by another extremely talented young Sitar player Shakir Hussain. Which further continued with 2 of the Finalists of the recently concluded Television reality show ‘The Voice 2019’ contestants Ms. Nidhi Kohli and the finale act by the extremely talented Shahzad Ali. What a perfect midway point.

Well, the journey till now has been extremely successful from the very energetic and super starters of the RJs of Fever FM & Radio one. And the icing on the cake have been our regular celebrity Anchors Joe Baath & Bhavana Bhatia. These 2 anchors have not just introduced and presented each artists in their very own special way. But, also have created their own fan following amongst both the viewers and the artists.

As we now progress further towards the 21st June ‘World Music Day’ our A&M Studio’s carnival also attracted 1 more Giant media house from New Jersey-USA to partner with us. This is TV ASIA & World BB TV, who have joined us in this journey of 15 days to celebrate the ‘World Music carnival’.

So, the entertainment is still going to continue with Punjabi Mix, Qawallis, Fusion, International Music, More of Bollywood Retro & Bollywood Classics and another very important genre of Independent & Original music from Artists now from India, USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia. So, viewers are asked to just log onto A&M Studio’s Facebook page to sit back & relax and we get to keep “Entertaining the World” Around”

We thank all our partners: 

Powered by : FEVER FM / Radio 1 / Radio Nasha
Co-Powered by : TV ASIA / WORLD BB TV – New Jersey – USA Co-Presented by : Loudest.In
Co-Presented by : The Crazy Yogi Koffie
Activations & Media Partner : Everything Experiential
Virtual Partner : My Eventz
Movies Partner : N N Sippy Productions
Knowledge Partner : KONVERSAI
Digital News Partner : Newsmobile
Digital Audio Partner : One Loop
Outdoor Partner : Social Street
Creative Partner : Mast Communications
Curated & Presented by : A&M Studio

DATE: 11th TO 25th June 2020

Facebook: Instagram : aandm_studio


  • Over 70 plus artists from all across the World – India, UAE, Canada and USA
  • The Digital concert will be aired from A&M Studio Facebook and relayed from Child Help Foundation page.
  • 15 Days – each day dedicated to a particular genre of music
  • 5 -6 Artists max per day performing on the same genre
  • The genres will range from Hindustani Classical, Rajasthani Folk, Ghazals, Sufi, Qawali, Bengali, Carnatic, International Music, Independent & Original music, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Punjabi, Bollywood – contemporary / retro / classics.
  • Each artist performing live approximately 60 mins
  • The Concert will be anchored by – Celebrity Anchors –Joe Baath and Bhavana Bhatia, who are renowned Anchors for entertainment and business shows.
  • The show aims to reach over Multiple lakhs audiences around the world A&M Studio’s previous concerts – The Fusion Festival, Naman … A Tribute Concert & Ghar Aaja Pardesi … A musical homecoming … got fabulous reviews from the spectators and was widely appreciated. Over 60 unique artists performed in these concerts bringing much needed cheer to people, paying a homage to the essential services workforce and at the same time raising money for children in need via our NGO partner.

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