Sing to the tunes of these LGBTQ Music Artists this Pride Month

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By Vandana Bansal

LGBTQ individuals round the world are going to be joining together all month to celebrate love, acceptance, diversity and what it means to be queer. But this Pride Month is different; as this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots of 1969 that inspired the creation of Pride month, celebrants everywhere are going to be brought face to face with the history of the queer heroes who brought us to where we are today.
As with any celebration, queer people are going to be trying to find music to ring during this year’s Pride Month.  Here are top LGTBQ pop artists your playlist is incomplete without!

Gia Woods
It’s rarely that artists begin to their families through song, but that’s exactly what Gia Woods did together with her song “Only a Girl” back in 2015. Since then, the young star has been providing her fans with a gentle stream of pop jams, only further proving that she is on the precipice of becoming subsequent superstar in pop .
Sounds like: The queer lovechild of Dua Lipa and Lorde
Check out: “New Girlfriend,” “One Big Party”

Hip-hop may be a tricky world for queer artists to shine, but Rob.B is making it work for him anyway. The rapper doesn’t recoil from his queerness on tracks like “What’s Your Lyfe Lyke,” and shows off his superior flow on the regular, making him one among the foremost exciting queer rappers currently within the game.
Sounds like: Put Logic, Drake and Cardi B during a blender, and out pops Rob.B
Check out: “What’s Your Lyfe Lyke,” “701”

Siena Liggins
Siena Liggins’ brand of bubblegum pop makes her an ideal candidate for your summer playlists — whether it’s getting to the beach or having a picnic with friends, Liggins’ pristine vocals offer the right soundtrack to the summertime.
Sounds like: The voice of Britney Spears singing the discography of Carly Rae Jepsen with the arrogance of Mariah Carey
Check out: “Laws of Attraction,” “Flowerbomb”

Mila Jam
Trans artist and activist Mila Jam refuses to keep faraway from the important issues she cares about, especially in her music. If you’re trying to find an artist getting to make social change together with her music, then Mila Jam is that the person you would like on your next playlist ASAP.
Sounds like: Pop-tinged R&B music within the vein of H.E.R. & SZA
Check out: “Bruised,” “Twilight Zone”

Formerly of Kera & the Lesbians, singer-songwriter KERA is making what they call “bipolar folk” music for the soul. From a depressing breakup track to her latest single, that she teamed up with folk star Devendra Banhart, KERA is unapologetically making the music she wants, when she wants.
Sounds like: Kera’s particular brand of music is tough to define, but would be fitted to a playlist with Brandi Carlile and Sufjan Stevens
Check out: “Bright Future Ahead,” “I’m Late”

Even if you haven’t lived their specific experience, non-binary indie pop singer Grayson features a way of creating you understand their point of view. Especially on their breakout single “Brother,” Grayson makes relatable synth-pop which will have you ever tapping your foot and brooding about your own life.
Sounds like: Grayson’s bright synth-pop jams would easily pair with artists like Grimes and MARINA
Check out: “Brother,” “Cherry Pits”

Girl in Red
Norweigan indie pop-rock singer Girl in Red, known offstage as Marie Ulven, offers up the type of honesty and flippant lyrics that you simply would expect from a 19-year-old. What you would not expect is that the singer’s almost expert command of her identity and sound. sometimes sarcastic, at other times earnest, Girl in Red is giving the center finger to what’s expected of her, and that we live for it.
Sounds like: The indie rock stepsister of Clairo
Check out: “Dead Girl in the Pool,” “Girls”

If you’re trying to find the weirder side of EDM, look no further than TR/ST. With their unique combat electronic music, along side a history of creating music about gay nightlife, TR/ST is an absolute must for your next big party.
Sounds like: Darkwave contemporaries like Austra and iamamiwhoami
Check out: “Gone,” “Sulk”

With his inventive brand of R&B-hip-hop tracks, Choker is one to observe . His visual styles, from his music videos to his fashion sense, are inventive and new, while his music is that the perfect soundtrack to a soothing summer day
Sounds like: Many have already compared him (accurately) to Frank Ocean. Add during a touch of Brockhampton’s Kevin Abstract, and you have got Choker.
Check out: “Lucky,” “Petrol Bliss”

You have likely already heard a song written by Wrabel. The star has written for the likes of Kesha, Ellie Goulding and Adam Lambert, along side achieving viral success with the music video for his song “The Village.” After a featured spot on P!nk’s latest album, Wrabel is primed for a serious breakthrough, and you need to get on board for when he finally does
Sounds like: a mixture of Lauv, Sam Smith, Troye Sivan and Adam Levine
Check out: “The Village,” “Love To love U”

When Madonna refers to you together of her “favorite artists,” you recognize you’ve got made it. Such is that the case with South African singer Nakhane— the rising star may have began as an actor in his film The Wound, but now he’s making waves together with his own inventive brand of music, shifting the definition of genre to mean whatever he wants it to.
Sounds like: With a sound that’s almost constantly changing, it’s hard to pin Nakhane down
Check out: “New Brighton,” “Clairvoyant”


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