British Indian Singer Avina Shah Announces Bedroom Concert For Charity

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By Sohani Mittal

Avina Shah is a British Indian singer/songwriter (Hindi/Bollywood, R&B/Pop music, Punjabi and Gujarati), performing artist and entrepreneur. Avina rose to fame after releasing her charity debut song ‘Tere Bina’ which supported victims of domestic violence and raised proceeds for the Southall Black Sisters Charity. The song was inspired from the real-life story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, played by Aishwarya Rai in the movie Provoked and events that happened close to home.

With a growing worldwide fan base, she is a supporter for Women’s Empowerment and other charitable organisations. Avina has been performing since the age of 3 and has toured internationally with Eastern Illusion Ltd, an entertainment and management company that she owns. Avina also founded the beauty brand Faces by Avina and launched her own range of beauty products in 2016. Avina is the sister-in-law of the multimillionaire internet entrepreneur Jay Shah.

Avina Shah is all set for a late night concert of love songs for charity. She’ll be doing a live concert from her bedroom this weekend and raise funds for the National Health Service (NHS) medical teams in the UK.

“It’s a late night love songs concert. I would take up a few requests as well, and jam on that. The world is changing and I will try the new innovations of online concert. Let’s get it going and join me,” added the London-based artiste.

She has also recently released a single, “Sitaro pe nazar”, which has been dedicated to those who are affected by COVID- 19.


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