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Red Bull Premieres, a new, monthly property featuring new music from across the country, kicks off with releases by Tienas, OFRO and ADK, Voctronica and OKEDO

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June 3, 2020: Red Bull Premieres, a new, monthly property featuring releases by some of the most exciting artists from across the country, kicks off this month. First up are tracks by Mumbai-based MC Tienas, Tamil producer and rapper duo OFRO and ADK, India’s leading all-vocal ensemble Voctronica and electronic music duo OKEDO. The releases have been curated by Spryk, producer, DJ, label owner and one of the country’s most exciting mixed media artists.

Check out the music on and catch the artists live in conversation with Spryk on Red Bull India’s Instagram on June 4 at 8pm.

In his many roles as a music producer, curator and label owner himself, Tejas Nair, aka Spryk, is always on the lookout for the freshest music from around the country. With Red Bull Premieres, he handpicks some of the finest tracks on offer, across electronica, hip-hop, indie and more.

Mumbai-based MC Tanmay Saxena, aka Tienas, aka Bobby Boucher, is today amongst the most sought-after English rappers in the country. He releases Fubu, a track off his sophomore record Season Pass. “Tienas is bar for bar the best English rapper India has,“ says Spryk. “I found his band FTS on YouTube a couple of years ago while searching for new material for my radio show ‘Skip-A-Beat’. Hearing his verses on their songs made me look into his solo project and I was completely blown away. He went on to drop a mixtape on Azadi Records that cemented the fact that he is in a league of his own. I absolutely love the way he is able to use his music and wordplay to deliver not just punchlines but address complex subjects and tell amazing stories while making sure you never forget the hook! His new album is an incredible body of work and I can’t wait for more people to hear his sounds.”

OFRO and ADK, an Indian producer/songwriter and Sri Lankan rapper/songwriter duo release Yaarudaa Thamizhan, a song that was written on a whim to celebrate everything that is Tamil. Of the duo and their new track Spryk says, “OFRO is a prolific independent music producer from Chennai who has been working with various styles of music for many years now. We both spent about four years together in Australia, studying, travelling and making music. I’ve been following his musical journey very closely since he moved back to India. He’s worked with quite a few hip-hop and indie artists not just to write music but also develop them into personalities that resonate with their audience. He’s spent the last few months working with a Tamil rapper named ADK based in Singapore. They are both widely regarded as some of the freshest artists in the Tamil diaspora. They have now joined forces to work on a new single that explores subjects like the identity, pride, fashion, culture and stereotypes of Tamil people around the world. The single ‘Yaarudaa Thamizhan’ represents a new age of Tamil hip-hop, where being bold about their identity is just as important as making a great song.”

Widely regarded as the country’s first all-vocal ensemble, Voctronica has been paving the way for the vocal music community in India since 2011. Over the years, the band has released numerous cover videos, created solely with their voices, several of which became hugely popular and shot the band to fame. Their signature sound has enabled them to collaborate with some of the biggest musicians and content creators in India, including Amit Trivedi and AIB. For the first edition of Red Bull Premieres they offer Seven, their first ever original release and an all-vocal instrumental track. Says Spryk of this selection, “Voctronica is a one of a kind acapella band that is packed with incredibly talented musicians, an infectious energy in their style of performance and they manage to do what they do without any instruments at all. They have been a familiar name in the live and indie music circuit for quite some time now and the band’s line-up has also evolved over the years. Their new single is almost a coming of age for the band since it will be their first ever original song to be released.”

An electronic music duo featuring Will Clark on synths and vocals and Ishaan Gandhi on drums and electronics, OKEDO release Impulse, a track that started out in an apartment in Mumbai by Gandhi, and was eventually completed one Saturday afternoon by Clark, while thinking of and remembering his brother in Malta. “Okedo is one of my favourite electronica acts right now,“ says Spryk. “Their music is rich and showcases a lot of depth in skill as well as narrative. We had the chance to share the stage not too long ago when they were opening for me at the Magnetic Fields South Stage in December. I absolutely loved their performance and immediately knew that I’d like to work with them on something. A few months later while I was doing an Instagram live stream listening to demos for my label, they sent me an unreleased track called Impulse to check out. This was also the first track they ever wrote as Okedo, I was told. When I heard the song, I loved it instantly – it sounded so fresh yet nostalgic.“

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