Music Industry stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter campaign

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By Vandana Bansal


In solidarity with the black lives matter campaign The Grammy, Emmy, Golden Globes Sites Commemorated ‘Black Out Tuesday’ on June2. In cognizance of the murder of 46 year old African-American, George Floyd, an unprecedented move by the music sites came with the announcement, set against a stark black background: “The Recording Academy stands with our members, colleagues, creators and the entire music community as we observe ‘Black Out Tuesday’. We recognize and embrace the responsibility that we all have in the fight against racial injustice. The Academy will join our colleagues in the music industry to make our voices heard as we commit to the long-term work required to drive positive change.” The Hollywood Foreign Press’ website of Golden Gloes displayed the headline on its homepage: “The HFPA Stands With Blackout Tuesday.”

Visitors to The Emmy site were greeted with the hashtag #Blackout Tuesday, also against a striking black background. That link opened to the headline “Black Lives Matter. Black Stories Matter” and this copy: “The Television Academy will continue to foster content that informs, educates, and prompts meaningful dialogue and change. We are a community of storytellers, and we stand in solidarity against racism and social injustice.” The Emmy site also had a list of specific ways to take action and show support, complete with links.

Not just The Grammy, Emmy, Golden Globes Sites but the entire music community stands united against Racial discrimination. MTV carried the message at the top of its homepage: “Black Lives Matter. Black Culture Matters. Black Communities Matter.” Below, it said: “Join @Colorofchange and countless others to call on public officials across the country to take real action. Text DEMANDS to 55156.”

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