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Creativity and social responsibility has become more interdependent in Covid times: RJ Palak Khurana

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While everyone is dealing with lockdown in their own pace and space there are actually few warriors who are working beyond their duty. From doctors to media professionals to delivery boys to waste pickers to police, everyone has shown up for work with a brave heart. 

But there is one section which isn’t getting its due credit despite working relentlessly, these are our volunteers and NGOs who are working round the clock to supply tonnes of food, soaps, masks etc in slums.

Not only this, they are even teaching them the basic hygiene practices . We have our first world problems like slow wi-fi or not getting gluten free bread or having to celebrate low key birthdays, but there is a sizable population with basic survival issues. A lot of them are undocumented migrant workers which are not registered so the help govt is providing isn’t reaching them.

So for my birthday I thought why not do a virtual celebration by asking my friends and family to come forth and donate whatever they can. Basically the gift they would have given me in normal times just added the same amount to the fund..

I have always put heart and soul in celebrating people’s birthdays. I shamelessly asked people for my present and nobody disappointed me. All my doubts went away as soon as the fundraiser rolled out.

Within a week we could raise almost Rs 2 lakh.

The birthday money is feeding many, rather I got a video from Dharavi dweller who just got the “rashan ” by the organisation I support ( singing happy birthday for me.  I never expected my shower thought to actually fruitfully help someone in need..

So a big thank you to all the NGOs , volunteers and social workers who are doing the actual ground work. Giving money is the easiest job, making sure the money feeds the right people is the Herculean task they do day in and day out. 

On similar lines my radio station, Radio City,has launched a fundraiser initiative, Dabbewale ka Dabba Bharo, and have been urging Mumbaikars to come forward and contribute towards the initiative and make sure no Dabbawala goes hungry.

If you wish to contribute please click on the link:

Till now we have been able to raise about Rs 2 lakh with the help of our listeners who made it possible …

Apart from that, we saw the entire film /music fraternity come together for the “I for India” concert to entertain, uplift and raise funds for our warriors.

I spoke to Salim Merchant the other day and he is raising funds for folk singers who are out of job these days.

Comedian Nishant Tanwar gladly donated the money he saved for his house to struggling comics in these times.

Parineeti Chopra is going on a virtual date to collect funds and feed thousands of families and Salman Khan made an in house song to propagate safety and health.

All across the board creativity and social responsibility is going hand in hand.

World is united against this one common enemy, it won’t be exaggerating if I say it has brought people together and the spirit of cooperation can be seen all over the world.

So for all the cribbing janta out there be grateful to the plate full of food you have, don’t throw tantrums, don’t waste food, don’t over stock, look around help someone in need, call your bai and check on he , ask your security guard if he needs food or tea.

We are human, let’s be humane !!


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