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Little Bit of Goodness at a time of Crisis: Dhruv Kent

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We are living through the most dramatic of times. While those on the frontline of medical care and essential services have the hardest jobs, we are doing our part. It is also likely that our global shared empathy quotient, GSEQ, (I just made that up) has never been higher. It’s been too low when the bushfires broke in Australia, smog overcame Delhi, gun violence overtook Detroit, or when our Polar ice caps began melting at an accelerated rate. This time is different.

All of our lives are upended, we have each others’ attention and share a common purpose. While we look to our leaders to show us the way forward, remember they are mere mortals. So, I propose we each help shape the world that emerges at the other end of this tunnel – with our voices, actions, and any form of stewardship we can provide. A world of greater empathy that shapes all our choices and rights some of the wrongs that this crisis has helped bring to the surface.

In that spirit, here’s a song from my home at a socially distanced 1m (Singapore has gone more full lock-down since we did this two weeks ago). This song was also my first release. It’s called Little Bit of God. As background, I am a Hindu Sikh by upbringing, atheist by religion, and the word God to me is really the goodness we can find in the world and in each of us. The lyrics are also enclosed in the video.

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