5 tips for making the most of this lockdown time: Madhuri Pandey, Singer

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The ongoing lockdown has crippled normal lives. We no longer have the luxury of going around carefree, meeting our friends or even eating our favorite fast food outdoors.

Staying indoors for so long can be frustrating, however there are ways to beat the lockdown blues. Here are five tips which can help you make the most of this lockdown time:

Try out your hobbies 

You can either cook your favourite meal in the kitchen , experiment with new cuisine , try DIY stuff and even read your favourite book that you have been wanting to read for a long time .

It’s time to get healthy 

This is the perfect opportunity to get back to a fit and wonderful body. You can opt for Yoga,stretching ,floor exercises and free hand exercises . All you need is a mat or a bed sheet .

Clean your home 

Now since your home is your workplace and this is where you are spending maximum time ,why not clean  up all the plied stuff regularly without any excuses ! 

Start a skincare regime 

There are no harmful sun rays and pollution which can give you pimples and bad skin as you are at home  and not stepping out at all , so why not start a nice dedicated skin care regime with home made remedies or the products you already have ? 

 Say no to bad habits 

With a strict lockdown for the next few days , a lot of things like alcohol, cigarettes , pan masalas won’t be available anywhere at all. So this is the perfect time to bid goodbye to these unhealthy habits forever.


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