Brands Collaborating With Windmill Look To Create Meaningful, Interactive Conversations

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12th February 2020: The 4th edition of Nickelodeon Windmill Festival, an initiative by Event Capital and Tribe Asia, will take place on 22nd – 23rd February 2020 at JioWorld Garden, BKC. Having grown into India’s largest children’s outdoor festival, Windmill has brought on board sponsors like Hershey’s, Kotak Mutal Funds, Soulful, V-Nourish, Toppscholars, WOK, Sarda Farms, Laughing Cow, Enrich and Club Mahindra who are looking to create deeper brand connects with consumers.

The need of the hour today is to better understand children as consumers and communicate with this segment in an impactful, integrated manner.  Windmill as a platform is built as a fun, safe and interactive environment which attracts hundreds of parents and children year on year.

Commenting on the upcoming event, Janak Vora, CEO, Event Capital said “We are pleased to announce our sponsors for the 4th edition of Nickelodeon Windmill Festival.  With the support of brands collaborating with us, we look forward to providing a better platform for them to engage with families in the best way possible. Our aim is to encourage families to step out and involve their kids to discover their inner passion and interact with various brands as well”.

Brands coming on board have chosen the platform as a less intrusive form of marketing, as it enables the brand to start a relationship with potential customers and strengthen the bond with existing customers effortlessly. As compared to in your face advertising, playing a pivotal role in enhancing a kid’s experience builds a positive recall value which works wonders for a brand.

The collaborations have all come on board with a purpose in mind and are perfect brand fits to avoid mindless clutter.
Brands who have chosen to collaborate with Windmill have similar sentiments in mind.

Commenting on this, Rasika Prashant, CMO, Soulfull said,” Windmill Festival has been a tent pole partnership for Soulful. We have been able to reach out to thousands of kids and mothers during the event and establish meaningful conversations with them. The event organization is very good and allows us to showcase brand Soulfull in an impactful manner.”

Adding to this, Mrs.Kiran Agarwal, Founder, WOKA said,  “Associating with WindMill is always special as they cater to children as we at WOKA feel the same. Connecting at a platform with which WindMill comes in the market is a great way to reach to children with different backgrounds, age and sensibilities. WOKA looks for opportunities such as these where we can showcase our association and connect with children through our value-based animation films and yet exchange a bond of happiness with our young minds.”

Building a healthy ecosystem for effective play and learning, Windmill is dedicated to the best interests of kids.

WindMill will take place on 22nd and 23rd February 2020 at Jio Gardens, BKC and the tickets can be bought on:

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