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Top 5 Podcasts of 2019

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Podcasts have had an increased market in India since the launch of Spotify. The ease of listening to an interview, discussion or thoughts in audio format passively has made podcasts a popular choice to learn more. 2019 saw some good podcasts come along – some old and some new. Here are our Top 5!

Maed In India

If we’re talking about podcasts, how can we not mention the Indian music scene’s beloved Mae Mariyam who hosts the cleverly named Maed in India podcast which features not only interviews but also live studio performances from amazing independent musicians. The last year was huge for the Maed In India team with the highlight being Mae getting recognized by GQ India as one of the 50 most influential young Indians. The team has also put out a #BestOf2019 playlist featuring some true gems. Check it out!

Kalki Presents: My Indian Life

Bringing unheard, invigorating and raw stories to the ears of a huge audience, the talented Bollywood celebrity, Kalki Koechlin, presents this weekly updated podcast. Stirring conversations and healthy discussions around topics that urgently need to be addressed, it has been created keeping in mind the needs of young Indians living in the 21st century, but I’m sure no matter who the listener is, it will unquestionably provide them with some food for thought. With its Season 2 rolling out at full speed, this show definitely deserves a spot on this list.


While this show is fairly new to the game with only 3 episodes out, it still has managed to capture our interest due to the unique category that it falls under and the niche audience that it serves. FOLLOW is an insightful podcast that revolves around stories of people involved in the Indian audio and visual space. The episodes take somewhat around 2 months to come out and might not even interest the average Indian joe but for those who are involved in either the design industry or the music industry, it really is a gold mine. 

9XM SoundcastE

This podcast featuring talent from the Music industry has topped the podcast charts in a short span of time. 9XM SoundcastE’s interviews with Armaan & Amaal Malik, Vishal & Shekhar, KK, Clinton Cerejo, Salim & Suleiman, Neha Bhasin, Jonita Gandhi, Guru Randhawa, etc. have resonated with the listeners. The Podcast has also received an overwhelming response from the Indian music fraternity. Hosted by the Creative Director of 9XM – Eva Bhatt, 9XM SoundcastE is popular across all the Audio Streaming platforms. Apart from India, 9XM SoundcastE is also gaining popularity globally. 

Bhaskar Bose

Detective podcasts are enjoyed by people all over the world, being one of the top subgenres of podcasts and adding an Indian twist to it, Bhaskar Bose is a Spotify Original podcast bringing stories about detective Bhaskar and his sidekick Bikesh as they go about solving mysterious cases in their inimitable style. Every episode comes out in 2 parts and since its launch date of 2nd December, 4 episodes have already been completed. 


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