Milkman Presents Terminal 1 Pre-party with Elena Colombi

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Many DJs claim to be champions of free-spirited eclecticism, but few truly break boundaries or swerve convention. Step forward Elena Colombi, a DJ and radio host whose inspired sets are not only openminded and mind-altering, but also seek to toy with the emotions of listeners and dancers via shifts in intensity, tone, light and shadow. Her distinctive approach is truly unique, in part thanks to a widescreen grasp of different musical cultures, sounds and rhythms, born out of travelling the world with her family from a young age.

Start 2020 with some groove and dance. Kicking off the festivities for Terminal 1, we head to The Council with Elena Colombi. She always has prioritised energy and emotion over form and function, paying particular attention to obscure and undiscovered artists. While ‘anything goes’ is undoubtedly her mantra, her dynamic sets are perfectly balanced with the kind of effortless flow that many DJs fail to master with a lifetime of practice. Joining her are Milkman’s local superstars no:rqst and Spacejams!

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