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Top 5 Music Start-Ups of India

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2019 was also an exciting year for music start-ups in India. Be Online Radio, Merchandising Tools or Tech-based – start-up ecosystem in India has been on the rise and worth celebrating! 

According to us, here are some of the best music start-ups/ventures that have come up from India in the last decade! 

Boxout.FM is an online radio station borne of an urgent need for a community-run platform focusing on alternative music and culture in India. To serve the community’s needs and help it thrive, we offer a carefully-mined perspective on India’s emergent musical and cultural scenes, both on and off the Internet.

Within the archives of, you’ll find an authentic patchwork of music programming that is both free from the constraints of genre and representative of an incredibly-diverse musical landscape.

From the rap music of the subcontinent’s contrasting gullies to the dynamic dance music that informs its growing club culture to the multitude of windows offering a peek into India’s rich cultural heritage with a healthy nod towards its global outlook, their daily programming offers up musical discovery as few others do. places some of the country’s most dedicated musical minds alongside DJs, selectors, commentators and cultural icons from all over the world.

Fully cognizant of a need to take more music to people, hosts weekly and monthly residencies at clubs and cultural spaces around the country. Also, our own fanzine – – is currently distributed at 25 outlets across India and is our call-to-action.

Founder: Mohammed Abood


They are an independent company designed to assist ambitious musicians, and brands utilise the power of culture to solve their biggest challenges. They are mixing the art of storytelling, technology and culture to build campaigns that grow brands.

VFLAMBDA has partnered with ELECTRIC FAMILY to bring official merchandise from artists such as Deadmau5, Marshmello, DJ Snake, Tiesto, Skrillex and many more, with proceeds from selected bracelets going to charities all across the world.

Using technology and a bit of creativity, they have also found a way to make your favourite sound into a beautiful piece of art. Whether it be your favourite song, your first composition, the first words of your child, or just a random sound byte, they can help you get it framed.

Founder: Ravdeep Singh Anand


Trooze is a music & entertainment start-up which delivers unique live music experiences at the right venues around the city. Trooze currently operates around Chennai and plans to expand to Tier 2 cities in India. 

Trooze is a powerful idea of a live music collaboration platform for artists who seek to deliver an audience who wants an authentic and revelling live music experience. They efficiently combine the technology and expertise to create the event experience you deserve. Trooze partners with cafes and other viable venues around the city and converts them to happening places around the city which helps them in their businesses too. 

Trooze also offers premium live music event services to corporates, marriages, parties and other celebrations.

Founder: Eashwar Mathur


Indian Classical Music is sophisticated. Ragya makes it simple.

The naturally evolved Raga framework can be trusted to curate music based on the choices nature makes for us over the course of the day. The ragas, which evoke clear emotional responses, naturally align with us, and hence, blend into our lives. 

Something is compelling, soothing, often haunting, almost primal about Indian classical music.

Keen practitioners know that this enigmatic quality of Indian classical music stems from the fact that the notes in raga music are derived from nature itself – from the strings of notes that flow within the ‘still sound’ of the times of the day.

A streaming app meant for those who wish to explore Indian Classical Music and don’t where to start from? This app is a fantastic stepping stone! 

Founder: Aditya Dipankar


Previously known as Pindrop, Flutin provides you with the right music for every moment.

Whether you’re working out, partying or just relaxing, the right music is always at your fingertips out of millions of tracks on Flutin. 

It lets you discover and enjoy every moment by recommending music as per your mood, location and other factors. You can enjoy unlimited free music, create moment specific playlists, or choose particular songs to play at any time without any limitations. 

The app imbibes several other vital features, like letting musicians and artists upload and promote their music through Flutin. So, if you want to enjoy music as per your mood on the go without any hassle, Flutin is the perfect app.

Founders: Vishu Gupta & Sumit Chakraborty

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