Bacardi NH7 Weekender – The 10th Year Anniversary Edition!

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By Sanghamitra Mishra

Bacardi is untamable and has risen from the ashes like a phoenix. Bigger, better and happier than the previous 9 editions; we have been truly liberated at the weekender this year! 

Nh7 was more than a just another show it was really something else, amazing and unreal. One of the best stages we have ever been at. Everything from the lighting, sound and crowd was fantastic- well the crowd was top, but like really not just another band saying oh yeah crowd was good. They were incredible! Dancing and giving all the love and energy the can. They made the show, we only played music. A great festival we sure hope to come back but in the meantime, we have more show in India this week so come and dance with us

– Garden city movement 

Playing a set when the sun is out and actually seeing the faces of the crowd was a special moment. And an impromptu performance with Blot really set the deal. I will always love Garden city movement.

– Kavya Trehan (Kavya x Chaz) 

A goddamn delight to open the 3rd day of the 10th edition of NH7 weekender, truly is the happiest festival. Full marks to the team that worked meticulously in pulling off the festival so serenely. My favourite moment was when I forgot the name to my own album on stage, god bless the nerves.

– Jbabe ( lead vocalist of F16’s) 

It’s great to be at the weekender for the last 10 years playing or even attending. The lineup is really exciting for a 3days and I can’t wait to see a lot of my friends play.

– Tejas Menon 

Yet again, Bacardi has proved to us that it isn’t just the happiest music festival but also a wholesome one; catering to a multi-genre crowd this humble city of Pune has once more been the home of festivities. The 3-day festival spread across 5 stages showed a great line up of multi-genre artists from hip- hop, electronic, commercial, death metal, Indian classical, Sufi, rock and soul music and many more. This year at the 10th year anniversary edition we saw not just some massive headlining acts from around the world but eco-friendlier steps taken by the festival to limit the use of plastic and create a safe environment for all its attendees. We saw long lines at the bar and longer lines for people waiting to fill their reusable bottles with water. We had some breathtaking festival moments, lots of games and activities around the venue and endless food stalls, music and comedy stage to make sure there was something for everyone. 

Last year the crowd was a bit heavy-hearted with the mixed controversies in the air but, this year the weekender has come out stronger than all its previous years and we saw a more sophisticated crowd and a completely sold-out box office. This anniversary edition was a reminder of how this festival has brought people, music and experiences within one platform, bridging the gap between music, fans and artists from around the globe and we walked out overwhelmed. We have never been happier. 


Starting the first day on a high note we heard some refreshing tunes by Shorthand, Submarine In Space and an energetic performance by Sid Sriram. NH7 weekender displayed a perfect blend of music from across the world, uniting the various languages, cultures and people. Ending the night was the headlining act by Kodaline on the main stage and the Indian Ocean, Ritwiz playing at the other stages- the crowd sung along from the very first song to the last one. 


Ending the day on a dark metal note was Opeth from a rather more melodic sway of the evening. Kokoroko and Dreamville showcase earthgang/ cozz were the highlights of the day. The gully gang performance had the crowd dancing with some rap and desi hip hop tunes. We walked in with a thick layer of sunscreen and lots of water to hydrate our bodies because it was a heavy day, truly. 


We could feel strong tidal waves of affection move through the crowd from beginning of the day by acts like Ditty, Kumail, Sandunes and eventually leading up to the mesmerizing performance by Garden city movement and the headlining name of the night –Chet FAKER! When he sang the words to gold we would see everyone be in and out of love as they sang along to the words ‘I know you don’t want.. a love you can’t see’. 

A. Hariharan sang some alluring Indian classical tunes and we stood awestruck by his magnificent performance and was truly a pinnacle among all other acts. 

Raja Kumari brought some fire on the Breezer vivid stage. The third day in all its finality was the most beautiful one with Lifafa and Blot on stage. If you were never in love, you would be here. 

This festival is truly a liberating one. There were endless colours onstage, mesmerizing sunsets gracing the venue with light and love, the bar’s serving delicious cocktails like Riki-tiki, game section to engage in fun activities when you’re not watching your favourite acts, genres like classical indian, hip hop, electronic, death metal, etc making sure every person has something to look forward to. From artists to attendees we saw smiles on everyone’s face. We’re already looking forward to the next edition of the weekender! 

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