ATKT Announces Talent Search For Original Singer-Songwriters

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Mumbai, November 2019: After being associated with over 2000 college festivals, curating and executing 300 + Talent Tents including open mics, and launching an album of original tracks from artists from across India, ATKT is now adding another property to its roster called Original Gayaks (OG). With the objective of mentoring and guiding young talent, the team wanted to motivate and promote the original singer-songwriters whose compositions do not get a proper release.

They found numerous original composers and singer-songwriters in colleges, but a lot of them never released their compositions due to lack of knowledge on whom to contact or where to release these, there isn’t a formal structure which they can follow in order to get this done and also the lack of resources to pursue this in the present. This gap made come up with the ATKT O.G (Original Gayak): a platform for the best solo Original Gayaks who can write, sing and perform to showcase what they have in store.

ATKT O.G did their first successful Talent Search tryouts in Zostel, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi on 3rd November 2019 and having it’s their next tryouts in Viman Nagar Social, Pune (18th November 2019). Interested singer-songwriters can apply by registering on The winners of the Talent Search in each city get a chance to win Rs. 10,000 and also get their tracks professionally recorded.

ATKT O.G. is the brainchild of Rohit ‘P-Man’ Pereira, Supervising Producer, ATKT (Events) who planned out an ideated the vision for these events. “I got drawn to the singer-songwriting music scene on the show ‘Music Diaries’ that I created for Vh1 – we did a segment called ‘The Vibe’. We had performances by amazing singer-songwriters and I got to witness some absolutely fantastic acts. I started following some singer-songwriters closely after this and was in awe of how they had their audience hooked to every song; no one spoke and were just spellbound during the performances. Cut to now while working with ATKT I have come across and got to program so many singer-songwriters from colleges in Mumbai. I am sure there are more such artists in other campuses across the country, and this urged me to curate ATKT O.G with my team.” 

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