Massive X Gets An Update: New Skins & Presets, Dynamic LFOs/Envelopes

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After much anticipation, Native Instruments’ Massive X finally landed in June, early this year. But things were lacking in this super VST synth. 

Despite excellent first impressions, users complained about its small selection of effects, the insufficiency of visual feedback, and the lack of NKS support that they would have liked attended. 

Flat Mode

Native Instruments has, from the inception, let everybody know that feature updates and more presets were in the works, and the first notable update has now arrived.

The synth’s interface has five new modes: light and dark colour schemes, plus ‘flat‘ versions of all three, which get rid off the complex graphics of the knobs. You can access the new skins via the upper-left dropdown menu.

There are 60 “new traditional instrument-inspired presets” presets to sit alongside another 100 that were added to Massive X in August, significantly making up ground after the shortage of pre-made sounds baked into the synth for its release.

Dark Mode

NI also says that the synth’s ADSR envelopes and Switch LFO are now dynamic, although the newly published full manual and quick start guide for Massive X don’t make immediately clear what the implications of these are. That we will have to wait and see. 

Existing users get Massive X’s 1.1 update for free – all you need to do is download the synth and its extra patches via Native Access. You can buy Massive X new for £179 or as part of their Komplete 12 bundle.

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