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It’s Time To Get Screaming And Streaming With Spotify!

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Spotify teamed up with Parcast founder, Max Cutler to release its first-ever Halloween podcast playlist full of the scariest stories to get your family, friends, yourself and pretty much anyone ready to embrace the spooky side this Halloween. Expert on scripted crime, mystery shows and haunted stories, Cutler has curated a special playlist of scary tales, including some spine-chilling stories from the tales of Slender Man to the first witches of Salem, and many more.

We’ve also taken the liberty to list down a few popular spooky podcasts on Spotify – including one of India’s favourites, Morbid: A True Crime Podcast –  to help you get your thrill on. According to hours streamed globally in October 2019, the top spooky podcasts include:

Oh, that’s not all…it gets freakier!

Spotify is spook-ifying its interface by bringing some ghosts and ghouls to its web-browser. With this Halloween takeover, the platform looks like business as usual for a while – but when you enter the Halloween Hub or the new Stay Scary playlist, the experience suddenly becomes a bit more… frightening! Don’t worry, though – you can always toggle off the experience within the app’s Settings.

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