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“Rap Accommodates All Sorts of Music” – Slow Cheetah

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The multifaced Indian Rapper, music composer and actor Chaitanya Sharma A.k.a Slow Cheetah inspired by the fastest cat but prefers to be slow…is known for his songs with Ranveer Singh ‘Don’t hold back and music videos ‘To the Top’ and ‘Make it Happen’. In 2018 Cheetah was seen in the Bollywood films like ‘Kripya Dhyaan de’ while was seen last rocking the MTV Hustle with his latest song ‘Bada ghar chhota ladka’ caught Cheetah for an interesting conversation on his musical journey, choosing rap as a medium of expression … Some excerpts!

So why he chose to be called as ‘Slow’ when a Cheetah is known for being fast & furious,Cheetah says, “It has many answers to it, first that a Cheetah is at its slowest when it goes hunting, locates its prey and then runs,second irrespective of how slow it is, as it is faster than humans which signifies that I move with my pace but still will be fast enough to leave many behind, another  reason is that the name has been inspired by the song ‘Slow Cheetah’ from the band Red Hot Chilli Peppers RHCP.

Cheetah draws light into his journey so far, saying, “My journey has been hard and rough, but I can’t complain because without that the journey is no fun. I have all the gratitude for what I have achieved and I’m here today performing, rapping with speed and enthralling my audiences.I feel that I deserve it irrespective of the hard times, so my idea is to enjoy the hardships and success even greater.”

Cheetah added, “I started writing poetry for myself since I was ten years old and started putting it out much later when I was around 18-19 years old. My first song was ‘Make it happen’ while what got me to the top was Jack & Jones when Ranveer Singh had put out an advertisement to rap with him, where they chose me and here I am.”

Why did he choose to rap as a medium, was there any revolution in the mind, cheetah replies, “Well there was no revolution in the mind but I feel that rapping chose me more than I chose to rap and it’s like a blessing to me.I think it is the best mode to express. I love a lot of other genres of music but they have a lot of other things to back support the music. So, if there is a melody without lyrics you still humm and can sing it, but in rap, you only have the lyrics that you sing or you speak, it’s only the words and a beat that you have.”

Putting the light on his musical choices and influences, “My musical influences in hip-hop have been many as I like old school music and rappers like Drey, Tupac, and Eminem. I have been influenced by a lot of music and I listen to all the genres be it Us. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, to the soft rock which I grew up to. I think rap accommodates all sorts of music so it’s important to have a variation.”

How has social media helped you as a rapper, “Social media is a big boon and it depends on how you use it, so whatever you do out there, the entire world can see you through the social media platforms, so you just need to use it right… don’t abuse it use it!”, said Cheetah.

Talking about his favorite social media platform and how it has helped the artists generate business, “It’s Instagram because it has everything, as you can read, explore put pictures, videos. Well, so much work comes on Instagram which depends on your feed, and how you are interacting with your audience. So with so many people offering work straight on Instagram, it’s almost like a job profile,” concluds cheetah.








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