Holland-based company DesiYUP is organising an Artist Networking Event for Indie-musicians and singers. The event is taking place in JW Marriott Mumbai on the 18th of October. Singer-songwriter Rajni Shivaram is flying over from Bangalore to perform for this soulful meet and greet with talented musicians, singers and artists. 

DesiYUP was founded by Mahesvari Autar in 2012 and as a company appreciates and promotes Indian music talent in Holland. The company focuses on independent musicians from India, maestros in genres from classical to folk and Hindi Cinema, giving the artists a massive platform in Holland to showcase their talent and the rich Indian culture. Indian classical music is the root of all Indian music and remains an essential part of all other Indian musical genres. Thus, DesiYUP organises not only cross-over, fusion and folk concerts, but also Indian classical music to familiarise the Dutch society with the Indian sound, instruments, forms and styles.

Connecting with Indian Musicians

The idea behind this artist meet is to connect with Indian musicians. Normally the only way to connect with musicians is through social media, but meeting people in person creates a much stronger bond. I want to understand their perspective on creating their music content and stay updated about all their current music projects. In general, music can communicate to a greater number of individuals and over greater distances than language. Making music together or listening to music simultaneously encourages building a community together. And by organising this artist meet we also bring talented Indie-musicians together under one roof,” says DesiYUP founder Mahesvari Autar. 

Dutch Trade Mission to India

Last year the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte visited India to discuss the bilateral relationship with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and this year King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima are visiting India to give a follow-up to this mission to strengthen the bond between the two democratic countries. DesiYUP is one of the 140 companies who will participate in this Dutch trade mission, this time Mahesvari Autar will visit New Delhi, Cochin and Mumbai. “DesiYUP is the only cultural organisation in this trade mission that focuses on the soft power of India. I believe that Indian music and cultural elements such as traditional dance forms, Yoga, Ayurveda and film play a key role in bridging cultural differences. Cultural diplomacy establishes, revives, and strengthens bilateral relations and mutual understanding between The Netherlands and India.

For more information visit: www.desiyup.com


A dental surgeon by profession, Ankit changed his stream to Music Production and Audio Engineering in 2016. He has since created a Music Promotions Agency and an Artist Management/Label to contribute to India's ever-growing music industry. With a knack for Music Business and tastemaking, he intends to share knowledge and music with everyone!

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