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Ankur Tewari’s ‘Aainda’ is More Than Just A Song

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This year, Ankur Tewari’s vision is straight forward – to heal hate with love. His latest single, Aainda, the melodious yet lyric gripping number tells us to cure everything negative with love. Where it’s no longer them and us, instead there is only us, all together in this world which is starved for harmony & love.

Aainda addresses how everyone is infected with ‘hate’. Hate is spreading like an epidemic and the infected move like zombies among us. They are often spotted on news debates, WhatsApp groups and people’s living rooms and even sneak their way to the online comment sections occasionally. Cyberbullying & internet trolling is slowly becoming the new normal. The song aims to heal the infected and turn the negativity around & use kindness as the ultimate retaliation.

Aptly categorising the song as a ‘love song for trolls’, Ankur Tewari’s aims at reminding the people about love. He is currently touring the country with his ‘Mohobbat Zindabad’ tour that scales across 15 cities wide. ‘Aainda’ finds its place in the setlist full of songs that wants to remind people of the feeling of togetherness and the power of being one. Ankur leaves no stone unturned with making it prominent that only music & love can change the world.

Having had its premiere on BBC Asia Network with Bobby Friction earlier last month, the song has received a great response from the online & live audiences who got to hear it first on Ankur & The Ghalat Family’s ongoing tour has begun its journey at Ankur Tewari’s London gig at The Joint.

With ever-evolving, rich soundscapes, Ankur Tewari showcases a brand new, fresh sound with this single. On the follow-up, Ankur has a four-track EP under his belt set to release later in the year.

As Ankur has aptly said, “It’s easy to hate, it’s harder to love. We must choose love, for only love will keep us alive.”

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