Bhuvan Bam Sings The National Anthem At NBA India Games

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Youtube sensation Bhuvan Bam will sing the Indian National Anthem at the first-ever NBA games in the country.

Honoured to receive the opportunity, Bhuvan said, “Singing the National Anthem at the first NBA in India, which is also the first time the Indian national anthem is being sung at the games, is a huge moment for me. I’m ecstatic to get this honour and pleasure to croon respectfully the glory of our nation in front of an international audience.

“I’m already getting goosebumps even thinking of it, it’s so exciting. I hope to get many more opportunities to represent the country in places no Indian has ever gotten the chance to do so.”

NBA games kickstarted from Friday in Mumbai.

The first match took place between Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers

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