Raymond MTV India Music Summit 2019 Has Begun!

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It’s that time of the year again, and Musiconcepts is back to celebrating India’s rich and diverse musical heritage through conversations on everything musical at the 3rd edition of the Raymond MTV India Music Summit 2019 at The Fairmont in Jaipur from October 4th to 6th2019.

For this edition of the Raymond MTV India Music Summit 2019 #EkSachhaSur, over 50 sessions of rich musical experiences have been planned by Musiconcepts. Starting with classical highlights to morning divinity, from musicians’ jam to keynote addresses, from conversations to baithaks, from choirs to taleem, and more, the repertoire brings the most exceptional talents in India, with a range and diversity that encompasses all genres of Indian music, including Devotional, Classical, Jazz, Ghazal, Folk, Instrumental, and Contemporary.

The opening ceremony initiated with Prasoon Joshi, the Mentor to IMS with a few words of appreciation for Mala Sekhri, Ambika Srivastava and Aparna Joshi. He emphasised on the motto of IMS – ‘Ek Saccha Sur’. He added that it is not just a fancy tagline but has a philosophical note to it. He spoke about how in his life he has always been in the company of great musicians, including his parents who were musicians as well and through them learned that ‘Har Kalakaar Apne Sacche Sur Ki Talaash Mein Hai’. Meaning that every artist is yearning for their true calling, their pure sound, which is an endless and an eternal journey, and once attained, then the journey is complete.

He added that “Har ek paudhe ko dhoop chahiye, paani chahiye, aur kabhi kabar uske ke saath gupt-gu ki jaye, toh woh paudha bahut sundar khilta hai.” In short, he meant that every talent needs love and care and that if it’s shown that importance, it can blossom into something spectacular.

He urged to celebrate the diversity and authenticity of the art instead of celebrating the music that has been made palatable for consumption. He also spoke about how many people complain about artists becoming sell-outs or are becoming commercial, whereas the concern should be on respecting these artists and not judging them for their materialistic possessions. He put forth the thought of making an atmosphere of respect for the Gurus and the Senior Musicians, and not reducing them to people of no importance.

Prasoon then concluded his speech with the India Music Summit Anthem, which was composed by Shankar Mahadevan.

Followed by the Co-Founders of Music Concept – Ambika, Mala and Aparna, the ceremony continued.

Ambika Srivastava spoke about the journey of IMS past three years and added how in the first year they achieved more than what they had dreamt of and thanked everyone who came to support them for their first edition in 2017. She particularly thanked Nestle, Fairmont Hotel, Raj Nayak – who was unable to join them for the first two years but has been able to make it for their third edition. She also thanked her Guru – Mrs Madan from Pune and became quite emotional at the thought of her joining IMS 2019.

Aparna Joshi Followed by thanking friends, family, kids, artists and gurus. She spoke about how everyone celebrates the beginnings and the endings, but it is the journey between which is more complicated and challenging, and she thanked everyone who joined them in 2018 for their second edition. She spoke about how they were lucky to retain supporters and blessed them. She also thanked Raymond for joining them as a sponsor.

Followed by Mala Sekhri, who was surprised at hall being packed at 2 pm during lunch hours and thanked everyone for being a part of IMS 2019. She spoke about the thought behind this edition – “Not to make it convenient to discover traditions.” She urged everyone to give music a chance and asked them to ‘Don’t worry about your seating. Sit anywhere – but just explore!’

Rajiv Kapoor from Fairmont Hotel also chimed in and thanked everyone for supporting IMS through its inception and spoke about how they are lucky to host IMS and support its purpose.

Unfortunately Sanjay Bahl’s flight got delayed and Gaurav from Raymond came in to unveil their new initiative called ‘The Story Respun’ which focuses on rejuvenating traditional textiles like Khadi and Handloom products, much like IMS does with Traditional Music and how they have been working 100 clusters, 300 manhours and have been able to increase wages for workers by 30%. He also mentioned how they collected four weavers from different corners of India and are performing together as a group to come and sing and celebrate the power of music.

All-in-all, India Music Summit is here to stay, and we cannot wait for how this initiative slowly becomes into an institution that will be widely respected and makes its way into the history of Indian Music Industry.

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